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What’s in Store for Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary?


What's in Store for Sanrio's 50th Anniversary?

It used to be that you can only purchase Sanrio items either from a Sanrio boutique or an authorized Sanrio dealer.  Now, Hello Kitty hysteria is everywhere, and I cannot complain about it.  Although I love that the Sanrio stores give a trinket gift with purchase, it’s almost just as exciting have the opportunity to buy all kinds of Hello Kitty products where ever you go.  It’s about time too, because Hello Kitty and her crew have been around for some time now.

After Hello Kitty’s 35th birthday last year, a year filled with collaborations galore, Sanrio has yet another reason to celebrate.  For 50 years, Sanrio has delivered small gifts with big smiles, brightening our world with cutesy characters that grow with us over the years.  This golden anniversary means that Sanrio will shine even brighter this year, dropping some more grown-up collaborations that will make you feel like a kid again.

Real fans know that this is the year to add something new to their collections.  With collabs in the works with Dr. Martens, Demeter Fragrance, and even Brunswick, products will be unleashed that you never would have imagined to have the Sanrio signature.  This is just a sneak peek of what’s in store for the year-long celebration, so keep posted because M.I.S.S. loves Sanrio!

Sanrio x Dr. Martens
What!  Sanrio and Dr. Martens?  How could a brand that screams grunge and rebellion team up with a company filled with sweet cuteness?  Honestly, the Sanrio x Dr. Martens limited edition collection provides the perfect balance of pink and punk.  Dr. Martens, who is also celebrating a 50th anniversary, still has its hard edge, but the look has been softened up with bows…and pink, of course.  The famous 1460 8-eye boot switched out the signature yellow stitching for 3 different styles: one with an exclusive all-over print featuring Sanrio characters throughout the years (think My Melody, Little Twin Stars, and even Chococat), and two other styles inspired by the top cat, donning a bow like M.I.S.S. Hello Kitty herself.

For something with less edge, the Mary Jane strap shoes give a more school girl appeal but with Sanrio style.  I equally love the white with blue outsoles and red bow and the black with pink details.  Starting at $120 for Mary Janes, these shoes will be available September 1st in select Dr. Martens stores, Sanrio boutiques, and Nordstrom stores, as well as the company websites.  Remember, these are limited edition, so set your calendar for the launch date!

Sanrio x Demeter Fragrances

After you’ve got your whole Hello Kitty fit from head to toe, you can even smell like her too, thanks to the Demeter Fragrance Library.  The Sanrio Anniversary collection of fragrances take cues from some of the characters to create scents that make sense.

Hello Kitty – Hello Kitty loves apples! She is as tall as five apples, weighs the same as three apples, and one of her favorite foods is Mama’s apple pie. Her signature scent is a combination of freshly picked red, green and yellow apples.
My Melody – My Melody loves eating almond pound cake with her best friend, a mouse named Flat. Her signature scent is a reminder of her favorite food, a sweet combination of almond and vanilla.
Little Twin Stars – Ever since the Little Twin Stars arrived on Earth, Kiki and Lala have been spreading happiness to everyone they meet. Their signature scent is a light and bright combination of citrus fruits and is meant to spread their happiness everywhere!
Sanrio – Sanrio fans are sure to recognize this familiar scent! The Sanrio signature fragrance will be making its debut shortly after the initial fragrances, and is inspired by the scent of a Sanrio store, a combination of Japanese fruit flavored gum and scented erasers.

Demeter must be a team of olfactory geniuses, because to pack up the nostalgic scent of a Sanrio store is pure genius!  Adding these scents to their already unique library of fragrances, like Dirt and Baby Powder, is a step in a good direction for both of these brands.  But that’s not all, because come Holiday 2010, Batz-Maru and Keroppi will be forever encapsulated in a fragrance as well.  I wonder what they’ll smell like…

Starting at $10 for a 1/2 oz. purse spray, these fragrances will be available exclusively in Sanrio stores, Urban Outfitters and at the Demeter Fragrance website.  With how delightful these scents sound, you might just want to pick up the whole collection!  All fragrances are made with alcohol naturally fermented from corn and have no artificial colors and phthalates, and no extra packaging.

Sanrio x Brunswick

It just don’t stop there, because Sanrio is hitting the sports world by teaming up with Brunswick, a leading brand in bowling products, creating a retro-styled Hello Kitty bowling ball.  Retailing for $139, this ball will strike the pins down in style and be the envy of the other bowling teams.  Now all that’s needed is a bag, some shoes, and a bowling shirt of course!

As a Sanrio fan, I’m more excited to see the the old characters back in the spotlight again.  Don’t get me wrong, now, I LOVE Hello Kitty, but it wasn’t always all about her for me.  When I was a teeny bopper, Sanrio ruled my life.  All of my school supplies were Sanrio and donned my favorite character, Ahiru No Pekkle, that silly duck.  Each of my friends picked their favorite character, and since this was way before texting came to be, we wrote letters to each other on Sanrio stationary.  I still have some of those letters!  The love didn’t stop there, because for a few years in college, I took a dream retail job at Sanrio.  I loved the fact that after a hard day of studying, I could work at this magical place that was full of cute wonders.  Oh, and you know that I used my discount almost too much, buying everything from stickers, to photo albums, to blankets (that my daughter still uses to this day).  I was almost sad to see Pekkle off of the shelves while working there, but it made my collection all the more special.  Plus with so many cool Hello Kitty products constantly coming out, I never lost the excitement for Sanrio.  I am, however, crossing my fingers that Ahiru No Pekkle will make a comeback again!

Who is your favorite Sanrio character?

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3 Responses to “What’s in Store for Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary?”

  1. BLB BLB says:

    I so wanna smell like Kiki & LaLa 😉

  2. camille says:

    super excited about the fragrances! can’t wait for more info on that.

  3. Gabriella GDK says:

    Hi Camille!
    I was at a Sanrio store last week and they were there – they smell really good. I wouldn’t wear them but I want to get them for the Hello Kitty collection I’m building up for my baby girl :)


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