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What to do in DC: Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed carries a great selection of new and vintage threads

Mustard Seed carries a great selection of new and vintage threads

Louis Vuitton?  Check.  GAP?  Check.  H&M?  Yeah, that too.  Just about any big name retail chain you can think of has more than a handful of locations spread throughout DC, but if you’re looking for something one of a kind that may have been worn by someone else a long time ago then your best bet is to head over to Mustard Seed just across the DC border in Bethesda, Maryland.  This dope little shop carries a curated mix of new and gently used clothing, accessories, and shoes “from Target to Prada”.  A friend of mine would spend every Sunday eating lunch at a nearby restaurant before heading over to Mustard Seed and digging through the racks for treasure, like a crazed shopping pirate.  She’d come back with some pretty good stuff too, like an amber ring and some Rock & Republic jeans on the cheap.

Mustard Seed will also buy your old clothes off you, so you can use that cash to buy someone else’s vintage threads.  The store owner, a cantankerous older woman with an eye for style, fingers through your items personally.  There are guidelines detailing what you should and should not bring in, and it all starts by making an appointment using the online reservation system.

Sometimes it’s worth it to take trips off the beaten path.

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