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We All Have A Little Freak In Us

Freaknik: The Musical

I’m all about pushing the envelope, and I’m attracted to anything that fits into that category. We’ve all seen (or at least heard of) The Boondocks and Chappelle’s Show. Both of these shows are driven by societal stereotypes and a sense of humor that may disgust the average Joe or Jane. Not I. I love it.

As a Southerner, partying is in my blood. I remember hearing about the biggest and best party ever as a middle school kiddo in the 90s. Yes, I’m talking about Freaknik. Imagine every rumor you’ve heard about the 3 day block party and I can almost guarantee you that it’s true. Freaknik was just THAT wild. The party died out thanks to the bitching of politicians and party pooping citizens in Atlanta. Well, at least that’s what everyone thought.

This year, the spirit of Freaknik was resurrected and the 80s babies, now all grown up and legal, attempted to relive the party they heard so much about. We wanted our own rump shaking, music blasting, booty clapping good time! Unfortunately, the city of Atlanta wasn’t having it and the mayor put all those hopes to rest.

As a result of the disappointment, the good people over at Cartoon Network let us live out our wildest fantasies in the small screen. “Freaknik: The Musical” brightened our darkened hearts on March 7, 2010. The cartoon features the voices of Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Charlie Murphy, Affion Crockett, Kel Mitchell, DJ Drama, Cee-Lo Green, Snoop Dogg, Lil Jon, and the Nappy Boy himself, T-Pain, as Freaknik.

It’s rude, crude, controversial, stereotypical, and absolutely hilarious. I warn you, do not view this video if you can’t take some profanity and racial stereotypes. Basically, if you’re sensitive, don’t watch it because it’s only going to piss you off.

Despite the offensive nature of the program, “Freaknik: The Musical” debuted as the second most viewed program on Cartoon Network. The only with more viewers on the first night was the debut of The Boondocks. The popularity of the musical made it a no-brainer to release on DVD. The DVD is set to be released (soundtrack included) on the same day as T-Pain’s next album “RevolveR.” To hold fans over until release (date to be announced), the series is available for purchase on iTunes, and has been since the day after its inital airing.

I don’t want to give away the plot of the story. Going into “Freaknik: The Musical” with no types of expectations makes it that much more shocking and funny when you watch it. So gather ‘round kiddos. Freaknik is back in town!

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One Response to “We All Have A Little Freak In Us”

  1. Pech says:

    “It’s fuuuuuuuuuun for the whooooooole faaaaamily…yeah”

    His laugh with Tyra is my favourite part. It gives me a good laugh every time.


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