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Vans X Stussy Microsite Now Live!

The Vans X Stussy site is now live!

The Vans X Stussy site is now live!

Earlier in the week we posted on The Fashion Link List about the new Vans X Stussy collab. Featuring a super-cute Oxford style and a reusable tote, this collab has made waves all over the Internet. We’ve got more news to report, though! Vans has created a new microsite especially for their partnership with Stussy, and it’s live now!

You’ll also be able to peep the custom video Bunny Holiday made for the collab, “The Look.” Additionally, there’s a list of retailers carrying the Vans X Stussy shoe. We’re loving the end product of this meeting of the minds–the design is original yet true to Vans‘ clean aesthetic. Hopefully there’s lots more to come…

Graphics layout: Indie

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