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The Art Of Creating An Effortless Look

Some great finds at the online store ModCloth

Some great finds at the online store ModCloth

One of my coworkers is absolutely gorgeous, and what strikes me the most about her is the way she’s totally unassuming about her looks. She sports short hair, some days combed, other days not, wears plain t-shirts, purchased at miscellaneous thrift stores, and jeans ; as a necklace, she has her professional camera around her neck. I love the way she doesn’t need to try to hard to look good.

I’m into the whole not trying hard thing, perhaps since none of my clothes inspire me anymore or I’m just plain lazy. On most days, I wear loose fitting pants-I can’t stand form fitting clothes on my bottom half- and a tighter tank top that quite often happens to be one of my HIV awareness t-shirts that I’m selling. If I can’t be a fashion statement, I can at least be a walking ad for safe sex. I think the fashion forward me has slipped into a comatose state. Luckily, I can usually  wake her up with some online shopping. I stumbled upon ModCloth, and found some interesting pieces including adorable rompers.

It seems to me that THE look for the summer is super short rompers, and I’m not daring enough to rock them although I love the look. I can totally embrace the less is more ideology when it comes to clothes; I enjoy tanning in the summer time as much as the next person. However, I have this curse where even the slightest tight or short article of clothing can make me look provocative even though I’m not the curviest girl on the block. So, I stay clear of short shorts and short skirts. Maybe that’s part of the reason why tight pants/shorts are not my cup of tea. But, enough self-analysis-It has also just dawned on me that I don’t even wear high heels anymore- and back to unassuming looks, I most definitely think that my look is unassuming. I just want to make sure that it doesn’t cross over into call the fashion police street.

Here are some simple guidelines to keep a look down-to-earth and oh so stylish.

1. Avoid heels that are too high [if you cannot walk in them]. I oftentimes see young women walking limping on heels that even drag queens cannot pull-off. Keep it low, ladies unless you can work it!
2. Embrace the plain t-shirt; prints can look casual if they are paired with something a little more modest on the bottom
3. Try those leather long strap bags-I found a cute one on The Purse Page, although the pricing is a little steep
4. Loose fitting [around the thigh area] shorts are a do
5. Do go for a LCSD, as in a little cute summer dress. Choose one that’s breezy.
6. If you’re going baggy, don’t overdo it! It’s top or bottom; you choose.
7. Take all these guidelines with a grain of salt. If unassuming isn’t your thing, do whatever makes you happy and comfortable in this summer heat.

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