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Sexy + Shapely Times?

M.I.S.S. Sexy + Shapely Times?

Ladies, how do you handle your shapewear garments? I appreciate the concept and the effect wearing it can give. But, between the fabric rolling up and/or down, suction fitting, and one piece maneuvering, I am just not sure what to do with it.  If you are out rockin’ a form-fitting ensemble, more power to you. If you have on helpful undergarments beneath, excellent job boosting your confidence and giving the rest of us more view to appreciate.  However, am I the only one who isn’t able to use the bathroom while in a breast to thigh enhancer? Are you like me trying to cleverly tuck tummy smoothers into other layers to prevent rollup and unsightly fabric bulges? Can you breathe during your sexy shaping session?

I am especially curious what you do once your flattering shaping items catch you a hottie. I can barely get out of my pieces alone, much less look graceful or sexy during the disrobe. So when entering sexy time with someone while in Spanx, power briefs, push up bras, or other layers, how do you handle it? As I see it, there are a few options:

1: Politely excuse yourself or sneakily duck out and remove the skin hugging under-layers before any sexy undressing occurs. You may pop into the bedroom or bathroom beforehand, or figure out how to wriggle out when eyes are diverted. I have a friend who has popped out her bra push up inserts and tucked them in a guy’s pants pocket at a club in anticipation of heading out together. If you aren’t that brazen, you can stash your shapewear in your purse, find a hiding place in the other person’s bathroom and later come back for it, or tuck it away in your own home. This option seems most appropriate for new relationships or one night stands.

2: Build up your muscles to swiftly take off your snug undergarment so nobody misses a beat. I would personally recommend doing some weights and pushups prior to this option as I know this is not an easy feat. If you can make the tugging and stretching of interweave spandex look like a burlesque show, by all means, do it. Many shapewear items now have lace details and sexier cuts, so you can even make it an undressing party and add a “Ta da!” once top clothes are off. This option is definitely for the unabashed (naturally or assisted by meditations/drinks). But hey, you’ve got a body, so work it, no matter what is on or off you.

3: Let him/her deal with it. Perhaps you take a nonchalant attitude and prepare your “What’s the problem?” look. But I know for me, a tight pair of jeans is hard enough to come off, so you may want to acknowledge/help with the undressing situation. This option is most likely to be the case for those in long-term relationships and is definitely the fallback if you are swept up in the moment and forget to plan ahead.

What do you do? Do you exercise one of the above options or do you have your own way about shapewear? Share your strategy with the rest of us!

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