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Rules For My Unborn Daughter


If you’re an avid blogger and blog reader, there’s a chance you’ve heard of the site Rules for My Unborn Son. I myself have the site plugged to my RSS feed, and as much as I love the brief words to live by that they provide for growing boys I always wondered what about the girls? My search on the web didn’t yield the results I desired. And as much as I’d like to start a similar blog of my own, I don’t feel my life is seasoned with enough experiences to provide daily anecdotes.

But I’m always caught saying “When I have a daughter, I’m going to tell her [insert rule/advice] here” so I figured I would keep record of those moments through the forward-thinking, women-empowering blog of wonders that is MissOmnimedia.com.

I recently read a post from The Evil Beet about why the Kendra sex tape should make you mad and my emotions were instantly triggered. It would be best to read the post first to understand where I’m coming from. For the most part, when it comes to respecting my body, it’s my word and my word only. But once upon a time when I was younger, I allowed the parameters that I once set for myself to shift and regretted it for a long time afterwards.

With that said, my first rule for my unborn daughter is this: It’s okay to say no but even better to walk away.

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One Response to “Rules For My Unborn Daughter”

  1. Ana Ana says:

    I actually just saw that post on Evil Beet today. Its sad how many times girls say ok instead of no and end up hurting themselves or each other and society only takes note when a sex tape pops up or someone kills themself after being bullied.


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