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Reading Is Sexy: A Bad Day for Pretty by Sophie Littlefield

Reading Is Sexy: A Bad Day for Pretty

Most of my recent reading has been of either 1) business literature, 2) inspirational reading, 3) self-improvement, or 4) product labels. But when the opportunity arose to receive and review a book with:

“a tough middle-aged Midwestern woman (not your usual heroine) who’d gotten herself out of a violently abusive marriage (the hard way), and who now works out her demons by dishing out justice for other women who are being victimized by abusive partners,”

I was more than intrigued. I have a soft spot for survivors and thriving post-abuse, and an atypical heroine plus butt-kicking wrapped up in a summer read made it sound even better.

A Bad Day for Pretty is meatier than your average beach read, but doesn’t get too deep that you’d be sobbing beneath your sunglasses. Described as a “crime novel,” I was happy to read a touch of mystery in both the crime plot and characters’ lives without being too scary, forced, or cheesy. The story follows Stella Hardesty, a fiftyish badass who takes justice into her own hands, fiercely protects her loved ones, and deals with her own insecurities and personal growth. While A Bad Day for Pretty is the second of Sophie Littlefield’s novels revolving around Stella, there is enough background and new action for readers to easily dive into the sequel.

As the story progressed, I found myself getting more into the interactions between characters and the potential underlying issues. Questions are raised not just about the crime at hand, but also about self-confidence, romance, what’s right, and moving on. I enjoyed stepping into the Midwestern small town and reflecting while Stella did on the mystery and self. For anyone looking for something new to read for the summer, consider A Bad Day for Pretty, available now on Amazon.com.

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