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On Theatre And Its Worth

A theatre stage

Recently, I applied to an internship position, which turns into a full-time job in the fall at a theatre production company. I start next week, and I began to think: why is the movie industry thriving while theatre is practically under the radar and reserved mostly for older folks? There can be many reasons to explain this phenomenon: in movies, there is a hype surrounding the gorgeous actors, special effects and maybe even the lure of eating popcorn in front of a big screen. Perhaps, some people get uncomfortable at live performance actors who may stare right at them and depend on them for energy in order for said actors to get the boost to spit it back dramatically in the form of prose and/or poetry and raw emotion. Perhaps.
Theatre demands a bit of your imagination; you have to see a scene with a table and a makeshift sink and envision a complete and actual  kitchen; be totally quiet as to not distract the actors; find someone to accompany you, which might be hard since every one loves movies, but not every one appreciates theatre; or more so, not every one gives it a fair chance. And we’re back to the resounding question: Why is that? Part of my job will consist in trying to figure that out, and promote an alternative, which in my opinion is just as worthy, to the hyper-technological culture we live in.

Magic happens between these curtains

Magic happens between these curtains and beyond!

I will say that theatre is raw and pulsing with emotion to be grasped and felt even as we exit the room; it’s risky [for the actors] since they might forget their lines or stumble on their words; it’s born out of creative minds, oftentimes with the aim of delivering a social commentary. I mean, there must be a reason that in my literature classes, we were taken to see plays for analysis and not movies. The art of making movies is worthy of study as well, and I’ve travelled down that road in college studying the various genres out there. I do feel that with time, something was lost. As in, there are not a lot of good movies that make it to the movie theatres; or rather the ones that do make it aren’t always worth in content what was spent in cash to produce it! But, I am no certified connoisseur of cinema, so my final words shall be [going back to theatre]: there isn’t enough attention paid to this art form; let’s all go to our nearest theatre house and watch a play!

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