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My Latest Obsession: The iPhone 4

My Latest Obsession: The iPhone 4

My Latest Obsession: The iPhone 4

Do you have an iPhone 4? If so, I envy you and could you please send some of your luck my way?

As the whole world knows, Apple’s latest addition to their iPhone line launched on June 24. My iPhone 4 journey started back on June 14 when I tried for hours at home and at work to get my pre-order in. I was even up at 3AM to try to get my order in before the rest of America woke up. No dice. There were plenty of other people online who thought up this logic as well. I was able to get access to parts of the pre-order site, but at a snail’s pace. Depending on how far I could get in the process, I would get two different messages: “Your account has been idle” (this happened right after I loaded a page. Not sure how Apple was measuring being idle, but I’m pretty sure 1.5 seconds isn’t it), which sent me back to the Apple homepage, and, “Your request couldn’t be processed.” Every time I felt like I was making some progress, that screen would pop up. That screen of death meant no iPhone 4 for me. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

After reading about AT&T’s site having a meltdown (mostly from Gizmodo, since traditional news outlets were surprisingly slow to report what was going on), I decided to call an Apple store to see if anyone there knew what was going on, especially since I was getting a message from the Apple site stating that they couldn’t process my order, but that one would be waiting on hold for me if I showed up on launch day. Could it really be that easy??!! I called the three stores that were in my area. One store said that they didn’t know what was going on, and that they hadn’t heard about that screen, but to print out the page and they would honor it on the 24th. The second store I called said that the on hold message was probably an error, that there wasn’t a way for them to hold a phone for me, since the AT&T reservation site was down, so no customer info was being sent anywhere. The third store said that I should stop trying to order anything online, that they had sold out of phones and if I kept trying, that I would just be driving myself crazy. I then asked this person if they anticipated in-store stocks of the iPhone to go up after the first week of the launch and he said that demand was going to be high, so if I couldn’t get in on the pre-sale, I was basically S.O.L. I even offered to bring cupcakes and donuts to see if that would help up my chances. I got a laugh, but no iPhone. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Since iPhones are also going to be sold at Best Buy stores, I also called them, but they only took pre-orders on the 14th, since they wanted to make sure they had enough stock to cover the customers who pre-paid for them. Since I didn’t call until the 15th, I missed my opportunity. To date, Best Buy is not offering the phones online. I called Radio Shack, but they didn’t know when they were getting the phones in. I even tried to get a pre-order in on AT&T’s site, even though there were countless reports that the site was down and not accepting orders. Of course, no luck there either. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

As crazy as this is going to sound, I’m one of the few people left (especially living in a tech-savvy city like SF) who don’t own a smart phone. When the iPhone first launched, I didn’t have the extra cash around to break my contract with T-Mobile and opt in to AT&T’s plan. When the 3GS came out last year, I was unemployed and shelling out that much money on a phone just wasn’t in the cards (not to mention fiscally foolish). So, this year was going to MY YEAR!! I hate my current phone, which is an old flip phone that makes me feel like I’m living back in the 90s (you don’t know how thankful I am that it doesn’t have an adjustable antennae on it!). I couldn’t wait to be part of the mobile entourage that would tweet on-demand, or update their facebook status whenever they felt like it. Or, upload photos of my walks about town, or crazy things I saw on the bus that day. I see cool stuff, really! I just can’t write about it when it happens, and it just seems sort of pointless when I can actually get to a computer. The moment’s passed, or I don’t have proof of existence. At the end of the day, I’ve wanted an iPhone for years and I’m tired of waiting. GIVE. ME. MY. PHONE. NOW!

My quest for an iPhone 4 continues. I resigned myself to the fact that I wasn’t going to be the first one on my block to get one on launch day. I’m hoping that the crowds will die down in a week or so, and I’ll be able to get one without as much pain and suffering as the pre-orders. Or, Best Buy will actually get some in and I can take my business there. At this point, I’m not too picky about where I get the phone, as long as I’m able to get it. I’ll be so happy once I get my hands on one, you’ll be able to hear my shout of joy.


Until next week (and my next obsession)!

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