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M.I.S.S. TV: Follow the Leader, Episode 2– Va$htie

Our webseries features Vintage Vandalizm, Va$htie Kola, and Dandy.

Follow the Leader, Episode 2: Va$htie Kola

In the second episode of our new three-part webseries, Follow the Leader, M.I.S.S. introduces you to Va$htie.

Fondly dubbed “Downtown’s Sweetheart” by various NYC trendsetters, Va$htie Kola’s instantly recognizable aesthetic proves that style is far beyond fashion. The director and designer is unmatched in her ability to reconstruct memorable moments from our cultural pasts (she cites inspirations as diverse at Depeche Mode and Big Daddy Kane), and merge them with the best of what’s current. Her wardrobe incorporates a steady diet of all things grunge (thrifted flannels and aged cut-offs) with higher-end centerpieces. The result is a unique personal style that speaks volumes about the type of person Va$htie is– geuninely excited and inspired by individuality in all its forms.

In the below episode of Follow the Leader, Va$htie reveals the sentiment and inspiration behind three of her favorite looks.

A special thanks to Pitch Control PR.

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    I LOVE VASHTIE!!!!!!!!!!


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