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M.I.S.S. Muses: How To Stay Positive

MISS MUSES How To Stay Positive

I may be a bit late on this video, but now that I’ve found it, I’m smitten. Plus, the message is timeless, so late or not, it’s relevant.

The video I’m smitten with features a young girl, around age 4, pumping up in front of her bathroom mirror. And when I say pumping up, I mean spouting out what she likes about her life, air punching, and doing a little dance. Not only is it incredibly cute, it’s awesome to see such a young child articulating what she loves and is grateful for. Or perhaps, it’s children of this age who see the greatness all around them without having to try.

When I first saw this video, amid laughter I thought, “I should do this every day.” Really. It takes less than a minute, is fun, and is a way to keep things positive. I’ve talked about grati-texting to put a grateful spin on my days, but this takes it a step further: being active, looking yourself in the eye, and saying aloud a list of things you like. Not to kill the point of how great and effective I find it to take inventory of what we have in life, but if you notice, this little girl says things from “I like my Mom” to “I like my haircuts.” There’s no better or worse. There’s no more or less. There is just liking things, love, and a lot of pure energy.

I also love that in watching this girl, I laugh, not at her, but because of happiness. I don’t know if anyone really would hate on this girl, but if we saw an adult doing the same thing, we just may think he’s a little crazy or she’s socially awkward. However, with a child, we can appreciate the raw positivity. So why not see that in ourselves? Why not let our inner children out and let them express how stoked they are on life? As kids we played with doll houses and mini cars, now we’ve made and earned our own. We may have dreamed of living in the city or having the relationships we find ourselves with now. And even if our paths have changed or we’re in progress toward achieving childhood goals, we can still like our haircuts or sisters or pajamas or anything.

And no matter what, it’s always excellent to be our own support, and remind ourselves we can do anything.

“I can do anything good. . . yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. . . I can do anything good. Better than anyone, better than anyone. . . “

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