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M.I.S.S. Muses: First Kiss


This week, I went with my friend Lisa to First Kiss at 92Y Tribeca. Contributors to a ‘zine of the same name shared and expanded on their stories of awkwardness, sweetness, youth, and first kisses. Everybody who spoke drew laughs from the audience, presumably as we related to 90’s references and similar emotional states that come when young. The night was quite fun, and the talent and stories (from some awesome writers, bloggers, and people) were warm and entertaining.

As I listened to the tales of initial smooches, I started background thinking about what else is like a first kiss. Or, more specifically, is there anything else that has the feelings that come with one?

I didn’t come to any conclusions on what may be of the same caliber of first-time lip locks, especially the very first of them all. However, I was quite inspired by the thought. Newness, nervousness about something innocent, truly not knowing, and anticipation of a single moment like none other . . . if there is something else or perhaps other things that invoke similar feelings of those of a first kiss, I’d like to find them.

I encourage you to remember your first kiss, read First Kiss, and keep alive hope and newness in your life.

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One Response to “M.I.S.S. Muses: First Kiss”

  1. Oh man, my first kiss was awful. Lol.. It was a 17 year-old guy named Joey in the mall parking lot. I was 13, but to his credit my friend Laura and I lied to him and his friend and said we were 15. He had stubble that was scratchy and he thought it would be funny to /burp in my mouth/!! I didn’t kiss again for a year, even though I had little movie date boyfriends. Haha, oh god.


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