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M.I.S.S. Healthy Bites: You Can’t Play With My Fro-Yo

Don't try to play me out!

Don't try to play me out!

When it comes to fro-yo, don’t mess with mine.  I have my own method to choosing my toppings and flavors, and it’s pretty much the same method as how I choose my fits.  I like a mixture of color, texture, and an element of mis-match.  The combinations I come up with may not sound right, but be assured it tastes right.  It’s got to look good and make you feel good too!  Which is why, of course, you’ll see me passing up the candy and sprinkles to pile on the nuts and the fruits.  Just knowing that you can get some vitamins and protein in with a frozen dessert makes going out for frozen yogurt that much more rewarding.

I’m with LiaDelFresco in craving this craze.  When it gets so hot, it’s only right that you cool down with a cup of some frozen delight.  We all know that ice cream is not so cool right now, and frozen yogurt is a healthier option…that’s unfortunately easy to make it bad for you.  The whole beauty of going to a frozen yogurt spot is having the satisfaction of being in control of what you consume.  But sometimes, I’ve seen people enter a yogurt joint with wide, bulging eyes and lose control with every spoonful of something.  Don’t be that person.  Instead, try these tips when topping your fro-yo:

  • Don’t fill up your cup.  I don’t know if you noticed, but the cups at frozen yogurt spots are HUGE.  Since you pay by the ounce, of course the company wants you to get as much weight as you can.  But more weight in your cup could lead to more weight in your body, so don’t be tricked into thinking you can finish a full cup.  Really, who can finish all of that?  I usually just get a small swirl of yogurt, or if I’m mixing flavors, a large plop of each flavor.  For toppings, I never put more than one spoonful of what I want.  It all weighs up, and if you’re paying over $5 for your fro-yo, then you might have packed too much.
  • Go for some crunch.  No, no, no, I’m not referring to the Captain, because I would never steer you in the sugary cereal direction.  I love me some crunch factor when I take a bite, so I’ll usually get a spoon of almonds, peanuts, and even pistachios.  Nuts and seeds provide protein for your muscles, hair, and nails, so pass on the crunchy cereals and opt for those instead.
  • Flavor with fruits.  I love how frozen yogurt spots have fresh fruits all chopped up and ready to scoop.  Remember, fruits are packed with vitamins and nutrients, and even antioxidants, so why squirt sugary strawberry sauce on your fro-yo when you can have fresh strawberries?  If you’re lucky, kiwi and blueberries will be on the bar too, so make sure to scoop those up, too!
  • Enough is enough.  My mama used to say, “Make sure your eyes are not bigger than your stomach,” and it’s pretty apparent that sometimes, you’ll get more than you can handle.  This might be the hardest tip because when you’ve got a shop full of options, and a cup full of flavor, you won’t want to toss any of it out.  But if you’re feeling full, don’t force yourself to stuff your fro-yo in your face.  When you’re going out for frozen yogurt, you’ve got the control, so you’ll have to control your overindulging and overeating impulses as well.  You’ve got the power!

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