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M.I.S.S. Healthy Bites: Stay Soda-Free

Get your girls to go soda-free this summer!

Get your girls to go soda-free this summer!

Summer used to be all about the lounging by the pool and the wearing those cute sandals, but now, you can add one more summer love to the list: staying soda-free.  Last year, we challenged readers to stay soda-free ALL SUMMER LONG, so let’s see who’s up for the challenge again this year.

It’s quite difficult to go through this kind of challenge during the hot summer days, especially if you head over to a BBQ and ice-cold soda is all there is to drink.  But with the right planning and persistence, this can be a challenge that you’ll not only want to continue each summer, but hopefully all year long!

We’ve got you covered with tips and suggestions on what else you can consume when you want to quench your thirst.

  • Water is what you need.  You’ll need at least 8 glasses a day, so don’t waste any time drinking soda.  Carry around a reusable water container (like this one from Lifefactory), and you’ll always have water  within your reach.  Or, you can try water packaged in a Tetra Pak, like from O.N.E., and you won’t feel guilty about buying so much plastic.
  • Drink 100% juice. None of this juice cocktail business, but real juice.  This will satisfy your sweet tooth and give you some good vitamins.  If you’re missing the bubbly feeling of soda, add some sparkling mineral water and all you’ll be missing is the aluminum can!
  • Make your drinks fancy.  You can add fruity ice to your water, or chug on some sweet aguas frescas to keep you feeling refreshed.

More tips will be coming up all summer, so keep posted on healthy alternatives to soda.

Now, for the important part…who’s taking the soda-free summer challenge?  If you’re down for it, leave a comment to let the world know.  If you’re already living soda-free, share some tips with us, because we all could use the support.

Have a soda-free summer!

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One Response to “M.I.S.S. Healthy Bites: Stay Soda-Free”

  1. JanaNye says:

    I quit smoking five months ago and have been rationalizing that becuase I did that I can over indulge with soda and sweets. Its time to get myself back in gear. Soda free summer for me!! :)


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