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M.I.S.S. Beauty: Avon Glazewear

M.I.S.S. Beauty: Avon Glazewear

When the opportunity to try an Avon product came up, I was intrigued and ready. While I trust Avon as a beauty line and would consider the brand when in the market for moisturizers, cleansers, and the like, I don’t really think of them as “sexy” or my style and therefore don’t immediately consider them for makeup. I like the idea of the company, but I don’t often think of them for my beauty needs. I received a note with a set of Avon Glazewear lip gloss, identifying the glosses as America’s #1.  I wanted to see if this claim was legitimate, so I put the Glazewear glosses to the test.

First, I noticed the Avon Glazewear range is good. There are “Intense” colors for medium to full coverage with sheen, “Sparkle” with sheer to medium coverage plus glittery sparkle, “Shine” shades with the most shine at sheer to medium coverage, and the “SPF 15 Clear” with high gloss moisture. All of the shades were lovely options and would work for different occasions, ladies, and moods.

I chose to try a few from each category. I am normally partial to shiny lip gloss, but I wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing something amazing elsewhere or favoring my own personal style. I was curious if the sparkle glosses would be too glittery for me, but they are not and I like them for everyday use. Some of the intense colors weren’t really my style, but their wear and feel was good. The SPF 15 Clear gloss is a great everyday base or simple gloss for minimal lips with moisture and sheen. The Glazewear glosses overall were true to their color and finish descriptions, and I was surprised to find that for glosses they offered the range of coverage they proclaim, not just sheer nothing for light colors or super heavy for darker shades.

The other suprising thing, and what I found to be the best, was none of the glosses are sticky! I love lip gloss, and my normal beauty routine is always topped with shiny lips even when I don’t go for color. But, I don’t like pulling my hair off my lips, dreading sandy winds, or knowing the receiver of a kiss can feel tacky texture when I’m wearing lip gloss. This hasn’t stopped me from glossy lips, but I always wish it was different. Alas, it is with Avon Glazewear!

On top of the glosses not being sticky, they feel very moisturizing. I prefer wearing Vasoline or a lip balm under glosses if my lips are chapped or I need an extra bit of moisture, but with Glazewear, I would just wear these colors without a base. They really do feel great. Avon Glazewear lip glosses are an all around win for feel, look, and function.

Cost: $6
Value: Great
Accessibility: Good
Where to Buy: Avon representatives and Avon.com

*Author received samples from Avon

Image Layout: Margaret

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