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Little Miss Frustrated: Sack Tapping

Need I say that tapping another guy's sack is wrong?

Little Miss Frustrated: Need I say that tapping another guy's sack is wrong?

There is a current trend in high schools and even elementary schools in which boys punch each other’s groin to see who can withstand the most pain and/or see who can punch who’s pubic area first. WTF! I really think there is something wrong with young boys; for the sake of seeming like the boss, they are willing to do the most daringly stupid things. Although, sack tapping, as it’s called, also occurs in the form of bullying, many boys actually and willingly submit themselves to such torture.

This so called game can seriously damage the groin, and it’s more common than one may think. I read on MSNBC that out of the 100 urologist interviewed 30 of them had treated boys with testicular trauma due to sack tapping in the past year. Trauma includes bruises, blood clots, testicular torsion and ruptures that may even result in the complete removal of the damaged organ.

Ok. Maybe I was a little harsh on young boys. But damn, hearing about such a phenomenon makes me never want to have a boy. EVER. That’s right, when that time comes around, I’ll be praying for girls. Evidently, since you can find everything on youtube, you can also find footage of adolescent boys sexually assaulting each other. Yup, this trend can also fall under the list of “sexual assault.”

In situations such as these, as a society, we are trained to look for someone to point the finger to. The parents? Peers? Society itself? It all seems as if the world is going downhill. Some say children are a reflection of society, be it the good attributes or the bad. However, when the bad is witnessed in littler bodies, the act in question is all the more poignant since we generally think that the worst thing kids can do is lie or not clean up their room.

By the same token, what would the act of sack tapping mean for the general adult population? Men like to prey on other men’s weaknesses and prove themselves to one another? I guess the same could be said about women, but it manifests itself in different ways.

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3 Responses to “Little Miss Frustrated: Sack Tapping”

  1. Metatron says:

    damn, and i thought japan had problems. here kids try to ram each other up the butt (they try it on adults too), but sack tapping sounds a lot worse.

  2. Bernadette says:

    there was scene in “Superbad” the movie where they did this, except they called it a “Turkey Tap”

  3. This is disturbing. And I think the whole “village” is to blame because if an adult or someone who knows better about the consequences did something, it could limit this keeping on.


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