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Life Stinks Without Minx


I am a self-proclaimed nail enthusiast. I swear I am completely obsessed with my nails. I pamper them once a week with a thorough moisturizing session, quick touch up with my crystal nail file, and a shiny new coat of polish. Oooh la la! One thing I can’t deny is that I need a break from this regimen now and then. So, of course I opted for the fashionable alternative: MINX!

My first Minx experience was an okay one. Application of the product was fairly simple and the ladies that did my nails were a hoot! It was love at first sight and well worth the hefty price tag ($60 for my hands and $60 for my toes). No matter where I went I couldn’t dodge the oohs, aahs, and endless questions. What girl doesn’t love a little attention?

All was well with my minx until the dreaded peeling began! After two weeks of being minx-a-fied, my beloved metallic covering was wrinkling around the edges and beginning to peel. NOOOOO! I quickly ran for the hair dryer and touched up my nails myself. Once a month passed, I was sick of re-heating the nail decor to tame it back into place, so I took it off. My toes lasted for a total of two worry-free months before I removed the minx.

Now, I’m back at square one. I’m tired of painting my nails weekly, but I like the freedom of change and the free service. The again, I want thee long lasting va-va-voom to my nails that only Minx can provide. The downside is it starts to come off after a few weeks. What do you ladies think? Should I go back to my Minx or keep on painting?

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4 Responses to “Life Stinks Without Minx”

  1. JanaNye says:

    I find doing my nails every few days very time consuming and tedious, but I do it. Minx looks dope but is very expensive and not practical for me. I too like change so as annoying as it can be to keep up with…stick with painting.

  2. I’ve not yet tried Minx, but I’m dying to. Two weeks is long enough for me as my own manicures stand about a week before chipping. Plus, I suck at nails. However, the pricetag on Minx will make it a birthday gift or once in a while thing for me, not a replacement for polish.

  3. C-Rocka says:

    Do your nails but treat yourself to Minx every once in a while. Easy on the pocket book 😉

  4. Amie says:

    Minx all the way…….love it!!


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