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Let’s Get Purse-onal: Always Be Prepared

This is a "My other purse doesn't fit in my locker at work so I had to use this one" day

This is a "My other purse doesn't fit in my locker at work so I had to use this one" day

Although I may have ended my scouting career as a brownie, the commitment I made to always being prepared has never left me. Every morning as I head toward the door I make sure I have everything that I could possibly need but hardly ever use. Usually that means stuffing my YSL downtown tote to the absolute max with umbrellas, power cords, vitamins, every pair of sunglasses I own, books, notebooks, hairbrushes, combs, and only God knows what else. I’ve used that purse as a carry on, an overnight bag, and most recently to haul everything from TV remotes to Ikea hardware. While Yves is my most trusted travel buddy, lately I’ve decided to give him a much needed break and travel light.

Traveling light means instead of a handbag that can tackle three September issues of Vogue, I’ve switched it up to a clutch that can carry a carefully folded cardigan or scarf, a thin notebook, and all of my daily essentials. In the spirit of always being prepared, daily essentials includes wet naps, lady items, a make-up bag filled with eye shadow, mascara, lip liner, and every shade of lipgloss and lipstick that I own, pens, a super thin Moleskine, a Sharpie, my iPod and iPhone, lotion, hair ties, a packet of honey (don’t ask), an earring that I almost lost while moving,  my EpiPen (I have crazy allergies and am surprised I didn’t find a few Zytrec or Mucinex in there), a business card holder that is happily empty, and a few other odds and ends.  While Erykah Badu may call me a bag lady for carrying everything plus the kitchen sink on a “light” day, the Girl Scouts of America would call me prepared.

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