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Fashion Meets Music: Natasha Khan aka Bat for Lashes

Natasha Khan is Bat for Lashes

Natasha Khan is Bat for Lashes

From the minute the first song on Fur and Gold began until the second the last song ended, Natasha Khan, the only real member of the band Bat for Lashes, had my undivided attention.  Her ability to blend hauntingly enchanting melodies, mystical lyrics, traditional instruments, and the various sounds of nature has garnered this former nursery school teacher a following amongst well established musicians and characters like me who are fans of both her sound and style which are both enchanting.

Natasha's signature piece: Headdresses

Natasha's signature piece: Headdresses

With her ethereal sound and overall gypsy aesthetic Natasha Khan draws obvious comparisons to Stevie Nicks that can be easily dismissed by fans of either Nicks or Khan. While Stevie Nicks worked with a stylist for years to develop her signature witchy drama teacher style, Khan’s look has undoubtedly grown through her experiences much like the friends we had in college that took a year off to travel and came back with cooler clothes than we knew existed.

This seemingly natural ability to blend elements of various cultures into both her music and personal style not only differentiates her from our other Fashion Meets Music artist, Stevie Nicks but also from other female artists clamoring for our attention. As her competition dances for their life in overly conceptual videos while wearing styled to death outfits, Khan keeps things simple and exudes a playful charm through her appearance, almost like a child playing dress up. The refreshing way in which Khan heaps delicate necklaces around her neck and tops off her dark hair with feathered or sequined headdresses while she belts out the story of a newly crowned wizard, assures that she cuts through the clutter and stands far away from the Gaga and Rihanna wannbes.

At the end of the day it’s not what she does that is so different but the level of sincerity with which she does it.

Bat for lashes – Prescilla
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