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C.O.P. Issue #3 Drop!

C.O.P.'s Issue #3 drops this July!

C.O.P.'s Issue #3 drops this July!

There are plenty female-centric mags on the market today–you know the type–and they all share one common feature: they tend to cater to a certain demographic and can be–dare we say it–somewhat bland? We’ve all read the standard beauty mags, the typical shopping publications, the less-than-classy celebrity rags… but as a reader of M.I.S.S., we know you crave something different, something of greater substance, that you won’t find on every corner newstand in Anytown, USA.

Which is why we want to spread the word about C.O.P. Magazine. The mag released its inaugural issue in November of ’08 under the original moniker ‘Crimes of Passion.’ At the time, it was Australia’s first all-female graffiti publication. Fast forward to Summer 2010: Crimes of Passion has morphed into C.O.P. Magazine, and not only has the name changed, but the content is expanding as well: C.O.P. now focuses on being “a raw, real streetwise mag for the ladies with skills, an opinion, style and a sense of humor.”

Though largely based in Australia, C.O.P.’s content is universal. Issue #3 of C.O.P. drops next month and will feature Jean Grae, JERK, Invicible, M.A.F.I.A., Cartoon Porn and more. Itching to know more? Peep the C.O.P. Web site and stay up on the C.O.P. Magazine MySpace page.

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One Response to “C.O.P. Issue #3 Drop!”

  1. JanaNye says:

    I wasn’t sure what the name had changed to until I clicked the link…ha either way..DOPE.


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