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Born To Rule…Vera Wang Princess Giveaway and Zoe Kravitz Interview

Vera Wang Princess Giveaway
Were YOU “Born To Rule”? Here’s your chance to receive Vera Wang Princess… a sheer, flirty blend of lady apple, mandarin meringue, vanilla, musk, and dark chocolate. Enter to win by leaving a comment on the M.I.S.S. Facebook page telling us why you want Princess in your life! The lucky winner will receive a bottle autographed by the star of the campaign, the lovely Zoe Kravitz. We also got a sneak peek at the Q & A with Miss Kravitz, so of course we had to share! Here she dishes on the campaign, the clothes, and dancing around with Vera Wang.

How does it feel to be picked as the face for the Vera Wang Princess new ad campaign?

I am honored to be chosen by Vera Wang. Her style is classic and timeless. I think “the princess” concept is a great way to celebrate young empowered femininity.

Why did you decide to do this campaign?

Vera Wang is a legend! How could I turn it down?

How was it working with Bruce Weber?

Fantastic! He is not only an amazing photographer, but an extremely nice person. Its important to feel comfortable in front of camera, and he helped me do that.

What has been your favorite moment on the ad shoot?

Dancing around with Vera!!!!

How would you describe the mood on the set?

Light and fun! Vera was there the whole time to support me which made me feel so good. We were all dancing, talking and laughing all day!

Can you tell me about the Vera Wang Princess new advertising campaign?

It is an evolution from a classic fairytale princess to a modern day princess…The concept is being your own unique individual and letting your own spirit and confidence be seen.

What interests you about Vera Wang?

She is so driven and created this amazing empire! Her style is consistently modern and portrays easy elegance. Everything she creates is romantic and luxurious and something that all women can relate to.

How would you describe the Vera Wang Princess fragrance?

It is sweet and feminine. What I like best is that is doesn’t smell like your wearing perfume, just like you smell sweet and lovely.

What do you look for in a fragrance?

Simple, sweet smells.

Tell us about the clothing for the campaign?

It was all designed by Vera and ranged from fairy tale princess to different types of modern day girls. The clothes were so beautiful, I wanted to take them all home with me!

How would you describe your personal style?

Comfortable, fun, and expressive. You can always tell what kind of mood Iʼm in based on what Iʼm wearing that day.

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  1. Ariana says:

    I def need this in my life because 1. I’m a princess =) and 2. I’ve been wanting it since it’s launch


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