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An Open Letter to Gen X

We know, we know reality bites

We know, we know reality bites

When I initially began to map out this open letter to the generation that shaped my perception of coolness as an adolescent, I imagined paying tribute while simultaneously scolding them for forgetting what it was like to be the 20-something ambassadors of cool in search of a 9-5 to pay the rent. I wanted to take to task the generation that helped make the Internet what it is today, introduced me to flannel, and cleared a path for their younger siblings that they are reluctant to let us take control of, then I remembered that these are the people that have hold the key to my employment and decided I should keep it tame. This need to not upset my potential employers by talking smack about how they taught us by example to buck the system and bite off as much as we could chew, but then forgot all about that when they became a part of the system is actually the point of my entire plea. I completely understand that when you hit 30 suddenly dressing like Kurt Cobain while you waited tables to support your dream of being the next great artist was not as cool as it was when you were 24 and that you eventually had to fit the mold of the system you so hated in order to make a living. The issue at hand is the fact that not only did you forget that we, your younger Millennial siblings, are of a very different mindset than you, but you also forgot how it feels to be in your 20s with the urge to make this world your own. I’m insanely thankful for things like Sassy magazine, Marc Jacobs’ 1992 collection for Perry Ellis, and an entire CD case full of music that I still jam to, but I have to say give us a bit of a break why don’t you. Next time you are sitting across from one of us in the interview room, please to jot down thinks like “feels entitled” or “lazy” because not only are those things totally not true about most of us, I just don’t think the generation that birthed the term slacker has room to call anyone trying to get a job and make a difference in the world lazy.

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