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2010 BET Awards: They Finally Got It Right

2010 BET Awards

Ladies, join me in a round of applause please. For the first time in years, the BET Awards didn’t make me hang my head in shame. FINALLY! For a while, Black Entertainment Television was known for its half-assed award shows that simply sucked. They weren’t organized and the performances were a snooze fest. Cue the boos. Surprisingly, the folks at BET got it together and made viewers proud.

Although the night was an overall good one, a few key moments are at the forefront. First of all, the Young Money domination of this years awards was a given. Drake and the Mighty Plastic One, Nicki Minaj, ran ish in 2010 and got all the shine last night (along with the other twelve thousand people in CM/YM). Do I think these two are as talented as their images would lead you to believe? No, but that’s for another post. One thing I can’t deny is that they were the frontrunners of 2010. Kudos. I guess.

Next, El Debarge made a comeback last night. I almost fainted like a schoolgirl. His voice still has that special effect on women, no matter the age. His appearance was quite unexpected. Actually, everyone was surprised that gave the guy an extended performance where he refreshed all our memories with jams like “Rhythm of the Night” and “I Like It.” Score for the super sexy Debarge clan!

Lastly, the teen heartthrob of the 21st century poured his heart and soul into a tribute performance fit for a king. The King of Pop that is. That’s right, Chris Brown took the stage at the 2010 BET Awards to honor his idol Michael Jackson. I promise you guys, I’ve never seen such a passionate performance in my life. We all hoped Chris would be able to perform last year, but with the car incident everyone cast him out of Hollywood. Ha! Middle finger to you guys! The way he danced last night, you would’ve thought MJ’s spirit possessed the young Brown. The tear jerker of the night came after all the dancing was done and CB was set to sing “Man in the Mirror.” Now I don’t know if it was because of whom he was honoring, the choice of song, or the emotion involved with being on stage again, but Chris Brown got so emotional he burst out into tears and was unable to sing. It was so powerful. He still finished his performance, but without audible vocals. The entire audience chimed in since Chris was too overwhelmed to perform, but he remained on stage, pacing back and forth, singing along mic-less, with tears streaming down his face. With last nights show, I think its safe to say Chris is back! He even came back to beat Nicki Minaj in the BET Fandamonium Award. Its BET’s version of viewers choice where people call in to vote on their favorite artist. Minaj was winning in the polls until the MJ tribute and the raw emotion that came from Chris Brown. I’ve said it once, I’ll repeat it again, and I’ll chant it forever: TEAM BREEZY!

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2 Responses to “2010 BET Awards: They Finally Got It Right”

  1. Bernadette says:

    El Debarge stole my heart! I loved his performance!

  2. Lauran says:

    I really enjoyed the BET awards for the first time. I usually never sit through it. I think the only reason I watched this time was to see what kind of tribute they were going to do for MJ. The ENTIRE show was awesome. Not a dull moment. Everyone is still trying to bring Chris Brown down. I mean come on people its OVER!!. Let it go. My question is this. Is it true that Alicia Keys is pregnant by someone elses husband? Did she really break up a marriage? I don’t care if the couple were not happy. If they were still living in the same home, then they were still married. If this is true, then I have lost total respect for her. Please someone enlighten me on this issue


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