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What to Do in DC: Eastern Market

Eastern Market, a thriving hub of food and fashion

Eastern Market, a thriving hub of food and fashion

It was nearly 140 years ago when someone, probably an old white guy in a powdered wig, came up with the bright idea to open up a public market system in DC.  The goal was to help turn Washington from the swampy dump it was into a more urbanized city while also drawing in new residents.  It worked, but many years later with the advent of supermarket chains and a decline in neighborhood investments, the cities markets closed their doors for good.

All, except for Eastern Market, which continues to be housed in the same 19th century brick building only a few blocks from the Capitol.  Inside there’s a thriving farmer’s market where numerous vendors are on hand to sell fresh meat, baked goods, unusual pastas, hard to come by cheeses and produce so fresh you’d swear it was just plucked out of the ground or off the tree.  Outside there’s no shortage of people selling antiques and one of a kind handmade goods.  A fire came through a couple of years ago and almost destroyed the building, but considering the place was getting a little long in the tooth that might not have been such a bad thing.  The renovated space now looks a lot more like it did when it was originally constructed while including more modern features like a high tech heating and cooling system, UVA resistant windows, and numerous bathrooms.  There was only one before so that’s kind of like a big deal here.

Whether you’re looking for good food or original gifts to take back home with you, Eastern Market is one place not to miss.

At the corner of 7th and C Streets, SE
Washington, D.C.

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