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The Pinker the Berry

I'm a Southern girl so yogurt isnt my thing. Well, Pinkberry changed all that. I now crave the creamy crack on a daily basis!

I'm a Southern girl so yogurt isn't my thing. Well, Pinkberry changed all that. I now crave the creamy crack on a daily basis!

They don’t call it HOTlanta for nothing. The South is sizzling and my pressed hair and wardrobe show it. On days like these I need my frozen savior, my knight in a paper cup. I need my Pinkberry. Maybe it’s the fat kid lurking inside me. Maybe it’s just that damn good. Either way I’m addicted to the frosty concoction and I have no way to curve my cravings.

I’m a fanatic of MTV’s The Hills, so when I traveled to LA I based my itinerary around spots I saw Lauren, Lo, and Audrina frequent. I walked into the pink and green shop a little nervous. I wasn’t big on yogurt. Southerners love their ice cream and I felt like quite the traitor. Somehow I managed to put down the peach cobbler and pick up that plastic spoon. My first mouthful of yogurt / pomegranate / strawberries was foodgasmic. Forget the party in people’s pants. I had a party in my mouth!

Ever since then I’ve become the Billy Mays of Pinkberry. I recommend the place to my friends, their friends, and their friend’s friends to Pinkberry whenever I hear someone mention the Los Angeles area. Ladies, please do yourself a favor and indulge in this tasty treat. Its healthy, affordable, and mighty effing delicious!

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3 Responses to “The Pinker the Berry”

  1. Ana Ana says:

    We have a ton of Pinkberry-esque yogurt places in ATL for you to get your fix. they may not BE Pinkberry but speaking from someone who has had both Pinkberry and these wannabes around town, I have to say that they come pretty close. They also help make that oppressive Southern heat a little more bearable.

  2. artiffact artiffact says:

    I’m inspired now to do a healthy bites post on fro-yo, ya know!

  3. LiaDelFresco LiaDelFresco says:

    Ana: thanks for the heads up. which places to you suggest i try?

    Artiffact: Glad I could soft serve as some inspiration. Corny joke huh? Oh well. I would love to read more about fro-yo so…write it up!


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