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Taking The Drama To The Net

We can see everything you do!

We can see everything you do!

I use twitter, although I haven’t updated in ages; facebook, and yes I do update quite frequently with important occurrences in my life and inspirational quotes. I’ll admit that when something interesting happens, I’ll tell myself, “Once I reach a pc, I’ll update my status about it”. I’ll probably even imagine a few ways I could word it. However, to me, it’s odd how much personal information you can find on a person on the net. I mean putting your address on facebook, isn’t that kind of dangerous? Twittering your every move could also help out a stalker in tracking you down as well. But all that aside, I find it hilarious when I witness people having facefights. I would define a facefight as an internet dispute conducted via, as you would have guessed, facebook involving two or more individuals over an issue which doesn’t necessarily concern the odd 500 friends they have.

Someone writes a status, another disagrees, which rubs that initial person the wrong way, and thus a facefight begins. The fight could have even started in the “real world”, and pursued more thoroughouly through everyone’s favorite book nowadays. I have even witnessed someone repeatedly airing her now ex-friend’s mother’s dirty laundry as her status. Shamefully, drama captures my attention, even that of the senseless and immature kind. I redeemed myself though, after about two or three updates, my curiosity was outweighed by a guilt and sympathy for the poor mother who was being dragged through cyber-mud unbeknownst to her.

Say it loud!

Say it loud!

It’s sad; I think some people forget that [there should be] a certain code of conduct on the internet. I mean on my personal blog, I wrote about my break-up. But I wouldn’t blast my ex on facebook as we share friends in common, and that would be just plain mean. Although the thought to write an indirect insult (although I refrained from doing so) did cross my mind.

I’m really trying to analyze this situation. What makes people take the drama to the net? I think facebook and twitter affords us some attention; you feel happy when someone comments on your status; when they “like” it or even a photo of yours. Or maybe, it’s just that we don’t care if they know about our business, or don’t realize that many actually visit our page or see it via newsfeed…something to ponder on.

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2 Responses to “Taking The Drama To The Net”

  1. I think we all need an outlet, so I understand to some extent, but overall I think a lot of the online drama is ridiculous. I’ve seen people break up via facebook status comment and responses!!!
    Thing is, even if you post something on your personal blog, unless it’s password protected or locked, someone can still find out. And I’ve come across people who make passive aggressive stabs via blog, under code of course, which is no better than on mutually used platforms.

  2. Yeah you’re right. I found out yesterday that even my mom checks up on my blog:P I think it all depends how it’s done. I use my blog as an outlet, but I think that if you’re going to be blogging about how much so and so pissed you off, it’s best if you’re able to say those exact things to the person face to face. I much rather being open than subtle insults.


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