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She’s Crafty: Bib-style Statement Necklace

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Statement necklaces are a great way to amp up an outfit, especially if you’re dealing with a simple or bare neckline. Sometimes a little necklace doesn’t cut it, and maybe you wanna put your gold chain to rest. I’ve put together a  tutorial for a bib-style statement necklace. It takes less than half an hour to make and it’s a great project if you’ve got plenty of old jeans or printed clothes to recycle.

Supplies needed:

  • Scraps of fabric; large pieces for bib, strips for necklace
  • Heat-n-Bond Ultra-Hold iron-on adhesive (Or similar double-sided iron-on adhesive)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Optional: Beads, ribbon, studs, other embellishments


When selecting fabric for the bib, it would be best to use a heavy weight material like denim, thick canvas, or something of that sort.

Proceed to the steps!

Step 1: Draw out the bib shape on paper and cut it out. This will serve as a template when cutting out the heat-bond adhesive. While looking in a mirror, place the paper template on your chest along your neckline to see if you like the shape of the bib.

Step 2: When you have the shape you want, place template on the sheet of adhesive, trace the shape and cut it out.

For my design I cut out a large bib shape and a smaller bib shape.

She's crafty bib necklace: trace template and cut adhesive

2. Trace template and cut adhesive

Step 3: Hole punch the adhesive where you will thread through your fabric strips for the necklace.

Step 4: If you’re using the brand of adhesive I listed you’ll notice a smooth side and a bumpy side. Place the adhesive bumpy side down onto the back of your bib fabric. If your fabric looks the same on both sides, don’t worry about which is back and front, any side will do.

3. Place adhesive on back of bib fabric

4. Place adhesive on back of bib fabric

Step 5: Follow the steps on the pack of Heat-n-Bond for adhering it to fabric. Let the fabric cool then cut away excess fabric, including where you’ve put a hole punch.


6. Heat-n-bond instructions

Step 7: Peel away the backing of the adhesive for your bib.

Step 8: If you’re using layers like me, apply this step to the largest bib piece first. Place bib adhesive side down on the back side of another piece of fabric and repeat step 5. This creates a backing for the bib.

Step 9. Skip this step if you’re not using layers.  For the small bib piece, place it adhesive side down on the front of your large bib and iron until completely adhered together.

Step 10: Take the strips of fabric you’ll use for the necklace and stretch them to roll the edges. Make sure they’re cut to the desired length (or longer if you’re not sure). Guide them through the holes of the bib.

10. String through fabric strips for necklace

10. String through fabric strips for necklace

Step 11. To drape the strips at different depths, on one side, tie a knot around the bib edge, pull down to the depth you like, and secure a knot around the bib edge of the other side. Trim away extra fabric.

11. Knot and cut

11. Knot and cut

Step 12: Pile it on! If you have beads, studs, or extra strips of fabric, feel free to embellish your bib. Remember, it’s purpose is to make a statement!

This blog post from Outsapop.com provides different ways to create fabric rosettes, which can be attached to your necklace.

12. Add on to your bib

12. Add on to your bib

Step 13. WEAR IT!

She's crafty : bib-style statement necklace

She's crafty : bib-style statement necklace

Photos/layout by RLNC

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  1. Valerie Valerie says:

    This is really cool and it doesn’t look too hard. I’m definitely going to give it a try!


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