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Reading Is Sexy: Great Get-Togethers by Anna Post & Lizzie Post

Reading Is Sexy: Great Get-Togethers by Anna Post & Lizzie Post

Reading Is Sexy: Great Get-Togethers by Anna Post & Lizzie Post

Etiquette is the foundation upon which social structure is built.  Every human contact is made smooth by etiquette, or awkward by lack of it.

Emily Post, 1928

I am a bit of an etiquette nerd.  I think it started with my mom – she taught me from a very young age how to conduct myself like a lady.  From how to sit, to which fork to use, my mom always knew the answers.  So, it may not come as a surprise that as soon as I started living on my own and was able to throw events at my place, one of the first books I bought was Emily Post’s Entertaining by Peggy Post.  Entertaining is full of information from place settings and having house guests, and is a definitive guide to playing host.

Last week, I was excited when I received a copy of Emily Post’s Great Get-Togethers by Emily Post’s great-great-granddaughters Anna and Lizzie Post.  Updated for a new generation, Great Get-Togethers is a modern version of Entertaining.   I found the text and content to be more laid back than Entertaining and geared toward a younger audience.  It’s a great introduction to etiquette and hosting parties and has everything you would need to know about entertaining.

Great Get-Togethers gives you all the tools you need to host any kind of party – from a backyard barbecue, wedding shower, dinner party or weekend retreat.  From what to stock in your pantry, to cocktail recipes and suggested menus with recipes, you don’t need to fret about what to serve at your party.  Great Get-Togethers also has lovely photos that illustrate table settings, decorating suggestions and even invitations.

I found Great Get-Togethers informative, modern and a very easy read.  It’s the kind of book that I will return to often as a resource for any kind of event I host.  Emily Post’s Great Get-Togethers goes on sale today, May 4, 2010 and can be purchased on

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