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My Punches Got Sting With My Two-Finger Ring

Two Finger Rings

Two Finger Rings

Okay so I don’t really go around punching people but there’s no doubt I would get a little more confident about my fist power when my precious phalanges are adorned with two finger rings.  The two finger ring has been a trend for some time and they’re no longer limited to brass knuckles and name plates like they were in the past.

The most popular rings seem to be ones with a bit of hardcore edge but sometimes folks get a little sweet with them. When I saw the two finger wedding ring I couldn’t help but think every around the way bad girl wouldn’t mind being proposed to with it, although it could use a bigger rock.

The best rings are the type that give a little more imagery. The Adder Snake Bite ring gives the illusion that the snake wrapped around on finger is lurching across to bite another.

If you’ve got links to your fave multi-finger rings, share ’em!

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One Response to “My Punches Got Sting With My Two-Finger Ring”

  1. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    I totally just bought the Adder Snake Bite ring!!! I haven’t done such an impulse buy in like FOR-EV-ER! Thanks for posting this! Maybe I’ll share pics when I get it! :)


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