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My Latest Obsession: Glee



I have a confession to make. I was late to jump on the Glee bandwagon. Every week, I would hear an increasing number of my friends talking, tweeting, facebooking, or singing about it and while it sounded like something that I would be into if I would only remember what day of the week it was on (I kept thinking that it was on Wednesday nights instead of Tuesdays), I just never got around to tuning in when I needed to. That is until one of my best girlfriends made me watch the episodes that she had saved on her DVR.

Honestly, What isn’t there to love about this show? These kids are my people. I was dorky, geeky, awkward and nervously silly in high school. I wish I had a Glee club to dance and sing with and feel the same kind of camaraderie (and at times rivalry) with a group of kids that needed to work together for a common goal and get my outside the awkward box that is high school. Also, there has always been a part of me that wanted to sing and dance around (who doesn’t do this?!).

It’s not just the kids that I am obsessed with, I’m really impressed with the writing on the show and the manner in which they are dealing with real issues, instead of sugar-coating them (virginity, gay familial and personal relationships, teen body issues, teenage pregnancy). These really aren’t issues I expected Fox to tackle head on. Yes, at it’s core, Glow has a lot of heart, but it also has an incredible amount of substance.

Glee has affected me so much, I now expect the Gleeified version of songs when I hear the originals. For instance, at work last week, I heard “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves. I sang the mashup of “Halo” and “Walking on Sunshine” instead of the prescribed version that was on XM. If that isn’t a sign of cultural relevance, I am not sure what else is. My favorite episode from this season by far has been the “Madonna” episode. I don’t think I even think I have the appropriate words to describe how brilliant it was. All I can say is, Sue Sylvester, I heart you!

Until next week (and my next obsession)!

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One Response to “My Latest Obsession: Glee”

  1. I’m obsessed, too! The writing is awesome and I’m impressed with the issues they tackle, too. Not to mention I had a crush on Puck for a while. :)


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