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M.I.S.S. TV: Bad Rabbits at Brooklyn Bowl

Bad Rabbits performed at Brooklyn Bowl.

Bad Rabbits performed at Brooklyn Bowl.

“You can’t apologize for yourself if you’re going to be a star!”

Our music editor offered up some words of wise advice to one gracious Dua Boakye, the lead singer of up-and-coming Bad Rabbits, just moments before he took to the stage with his band mates to rock the stage at Brooklyn Bowl in New York last Thursday. The five-piece band wowed the young crowd, many of whom had little idea of just how the band ended up opening for Travie McCoy, and nearly stealing the show. Bad Rabbits formed out of the remains of the Elective Collective, a 10-piece band that the boys reshaped into Bad Rabbits not too long ago. Their sound is quite unlike anything currently on the market, and with the abundance of music overflowing our televisions, headsets, and inboxes these days, that says a lot. A unique blend of rich, funk driven bass and solid drumming glide effortlessly under textured guitar riffs and Dua’s intoxicating falestto. Add in a touch of pop-driven electric production and you have a sound which is instantly recognized as “New Crack Swing”, the genre the band coined for themselves. Lyrics on The Stick Up Kids, the debut EP from Bad Rabbits, weave emotive tales of the perils of love, and the triumphs of coming into ones own. On tracks such as “Trix Are for Kids” and “Girl I’m Like Damn” , the band displays a knowing synthesis of a variety of influences– indeed, when we sat down with them, they excitedly rattled off everything from Guy to Envy on the Coast and Deftones when asked about their inspirations. Recently signed to a marketing deal with streetwear staple store Karmaloop, the band clearly understands that the meshing of various distinct corners of musicality into the thoughtful package they have assembled is what makes Bad Rabbits so attractive to the average music listener. More than a “New Crack Swing” flash in the pans, Bad Rabbits back their sound up with a live performance full of raw energy on par with the pros. Their on-stage energy is matched off-stage, although they are far from assuming. Somehow full of both charisma and humility at the same time, each of the members of the band made it a point to introduce themselves to each member of our crew, a gesture that didn’t go unnoticed. Bad Rabbits is currently on tour, hitting up various venues across the country. They will also be heading out to LA to work with the original New Jack Swing master Teddy Riley on their debut album. Check out our exclusive interview with the band, as well as footage from their performance at Brooklyn Bowl below.

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