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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Blackberry Pearl 3G Is The Smallest Blackberry Ever

The Blackberry Pearl 3G, the smallest Blackberry ever created

The Blackberry Pearl 3G, the smallest Blackberry ever created

While RIM might be known to most as a mobile phone manufacturer, those in the know are aware that they’re really the biggest drug peddlers to ever come out of Canada.  Their drug of choice?  Crackberry.  And just like any respectable pusher man they’re back right on cue with their newest hit, the Crackberry Blackberry Pearl 3G.  Measuring less than two inches wide and weighing only 3.3 ounces, it’s the most diminutive Blackberry yet.  But don’t let it’s lilliputian size fool you into thinking it’s any less potent than it’s older, larger siblings.  In addition to  all the Blackberry features you love, including email and the ultra addictive Blackberry Messenger, the Pearl 3G packs in support for high-speed 3G (UMTS/HSDPA) networks, all the flavors of Wi-Fi (including n, the first Blackberry to do so) and GPS.  It also features an optical trackpad, dedicated volume and media keys (for when you want to listen to music or look at photos and movies on the phones high resolution screen), a 3.2 MP camera with flash, and support for up to 32 GB of storage via Micro SD cards.

The Pearl 3G will be available in two flavors.  One, the 9100, will have a 20 key condensed QWERTY keyboard while the other, the 9105, will have a 14 key T9 predicative text keypad.  Both will include SureType software to make sure all that typing you’ll do is fast and accurate and both will launch on various carriers sometime this month.

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