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M.I.S.S. Healthy Bites: Savor a Salad


Get creative for National Salad Month!

Get creative for National Salad Month!

Salads are far from the typical iceberg lettuce with ranch.  For National Salad Month, explore the world of salads and you’ll be able to satisfy your senses while getting fruits and vegetables in your system.  With an endless array of recipes, every salad experience can be something new-tritious and refreshing.  

But please beware, eating a salad can be just as unhealthy as devouring a greasy burger meal.  Pass up the bacon bits and fried chicken pieces and try these tips for healthy salads:
  • Start with the greens.  Lettuce is great and all, but if you go for darker greens you’ll get a healthier dose of vitamins and nutrients.  Try spinach, arugula, or even chard.
  • Make it beautiful.  If it looks good, it probably tastes even better.  Make your salad good enough to eat so you’ll want to choose that for lunch over the [insert fried food item].  Using a rainbow of fruits and vegetables will not only look pretty, but also provide you with a variety of antioxidants to keep your body pretty.  
  • Spend time to save time.  Having salad ingredients on-hand and ready-to-go will encourage salad consumption for healthier snacks and lunches for work.  After a trip to the farmer’s market or grocery store, spend some time washing and pre-cutting all the ingredients so you’re ready to make your salad at any time. 
  • Go light on the dressing.  Dressing should compliment the salad ingredients, not take center stage.  Sometimes all you need is lemon juice or some simple oil and vinegar, but if you need a little more flavor, go for just a little bit of your favorite dressing.  
  • Get creative.  You can get really creative in your presentation, ingredients, or even theme of your salad. Plate your salad in a geometric pattern or try a salad featuring all different parts of a plant.
  • Turn it into a meal.  A salad can be more than just an appetizer.  Add whole grains and protein to make it filling for you.  
Salads come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes as well.  I’ve noticed lately in restaurants a type of salad called the iceberg “wedge.”  No, thank you.  I don’t accept overcharging for a slice of lettuce that I have to cut it myself!  But a salad is a still salad, no matter how you cut it…

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