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Little Miss Frustrated: You Don’t Own The Road

Little M.I.S.S. Frustrated

Little M.I.S.S. Frustrated

Picture this: I’m driving down the freeway listening to some Feist (pre App;le commercial fame) and I’m feeling pretty chill. I’m in no hurry, I’m going with the flow of the traffic and I know my exit’s coming up so I mosey on over to the next lane. Of course I did the mirror check, shoulder check AND put my signal light on for a good 5 seconds before making the switch.

So, while I’m over in the new lane I notice a car behind me. It’s  not too close, maybe less than half a mile away. But it’s getting closer with every glance I take in my rear view mirror. I’m thinking “I’ve got a speed demon on my ass. He/she’s mistaken if they think I’m moving because my exit is coming up.”

In a few moments the person driving is damn near tail gating me and I see the face of an impatient guy behind the wheel of a Volvo. All I can do is make a face in the rear view mirror as if to say “WTF do you expect me to do.” Then I start getting high beamed and honked at by him. At this point Feist can’t ease my nerves but luckily I’ve arrived at my exit and I’m out of the other guys hair. But for the rest of my drive I’m annoyed because the person driving the other car could’ve merged to a faster lane a few hundred feet back.  He saw me in front of him. He was aware of the other three lanes to his left that he could’ve switch to. But he decided to pull some douche moves with his attempt to get me out of his way. I wasn’t even driving slow! I was driving at the speed everyone else was. At some point I wish I had brake-checked him but I’m not that kind of driver.

So to whoever’s reading this: don’t be that guy. I’ve gotten crap on the road from guys and gals alike that think they own it, that think they have a right to put other people in harm’s way just because their car goes fast/they need to go fast/they’re in a hurry or what have you.

That quote from the Spiderman movie comes to mind. “With great power comes great responsibility.” Folks forget that driving a vehicle is like having a power. You can’t travel at 70mph on your own two legs so yes, a car gives you power. But if you’re thoughtful enough and considerate enough, you’ll have the sense to use that power responsibly. So next time you’re feeling an itch to speed amongst people that are slower than thou, remember that those cars can be caring babies, children and people like me that don’t need or want or deserve to experience your ego and dangerous habits on the road.

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One Response to “Little Miss Frustrated: You Don’t Own The Road”

  1. C-Rocka says:

    It is so inconsiderate of someone to act like a 5yr old like that! Like you said, three other lanes were open, get the fuck on. Did he exit the same exit as you?

    I recently drove to TX and hands down they are the WROST drivers, watch your back if you’re anywhere near Dallas, ATX, or Houston!


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