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Fashion Meets Music: Grace Jones

80s fierce

80s fierce

Androgynous, enigmatic, and by far one of the most original divas to ever lend her voice to the disco scene; Jamaican born, New York raised Grace Jones is the definition of fashion meeting music.  The amazing Ms. Jones began her career as a model before moving into music and eventually wooing Andy Warhol and being photographed by him and his longtime collaborator, Richard Bernstein.  At the height of her career Jones was in several films, including a James Bond flick, where she always played an over the top, eccentric, independent woman who was a bit of a caricature of herself. Currently, Jones is playing the part of ultimate muse to some of pop music’s most popular performers.

Gaga ain't got nothing on this!

Gaga ain't got nothing on this!

Model turned muse, Amber Rose is obviously a serious fan of Ms. Jones as a model and performance artist. From the top of her blond, buzzed head to her well heeled feet, Amber Rose is taking cues left and right from the diva. She even recently recreated one of Jones’s most iconic poses, FYI this isn’t the first time Amber has paid homage to Jones via a photo and surely won’t be the last. If Amber Rose is the president of the Grace Jones fan club, Lady Gaga is her second in command.

La Gaga has done the best job of channeling Jones as a performer. Her music clearly has its roots in the high energy beats of disco and like Jones, Gaga’s sound moved from the club scene to the main stream thanks in part to her kooky style. Both women used their eccentricities to catapult their careers and both insanely talented. However, while Gaga dreams of having worked with and known such prolific artists as Keith Haring and Andy Warhol, Grace Jones actually did. Jones was the pioneer for bringing the underground art scene into the mainstream through her visual appearance, thereby making performers like Gaga possible. Both women are aware of this fact, which is why Gaga recently asked Grace Jones  to collaborate with her to which Jones replied

I’d just prefer to work with someone who is more original and someone who is not copying me, actually.

Burn. It seems as though while Gaga may be enamored with the iconic songstress, Jones is less than dazzled with the younger performer. I guess she isn’t flattered by imitation, then again no old school diva ever really is.

Icon status

Icon status

My absolute favorite Grace Jones moment is and will always be her performance as the over the top, international model Strangé in Boomerang, where she produces the most insanely sick commercial for perfume. I’m also a fan of her song Pull Up to My Bumper, which I remember hearing as a child way back when in the 80s.

Sorry, that was the best quality I could find on that clip, that movie is almost as old as I am.

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  1. Yessss. When Karmaloop did their Grace Jones tribute ( recently it reminded me to look back at all her amazing fashion pioneering.


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