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Curse Those Vans!

Why can't people in mini vans drive? Gosh!

Why can't people in mini vans drive? Gosh!

If you live in a major city, you fall victim to the infamous thief of time. We all hate him, dread him, and spend countless hours avoiding him. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, traffic is a beeyotch. Atlanta is always in the top 5 list of cities with the worst traffic. Here, traffic is at a complete stop from 4pm to 7pm on a daily and it sucks huge ones. As a small chick, I naturally have a Napoleon Complex and it comes out in the form of road rage when I’m behind the wheel. You guys can’t image how bad it is. No matter where I am, where I’m going, or how much traffic there is, I will either be the girl dancing like a maniac in her car or the girl flipping you the bird and screaming obscenities.

I’m an equal opportunity curser outer for the most part, but the one thing that pisses me off the most on the road is mini vans. OMG! For some reason it seems like people in mini vans are the worst drivers on the planet! I mean, do mini vans come with a ‘drive like a douche’ class at the point of sale? Sheesh. I would assume that since they’re in a bigger vehicle that they would be better drivers. There should be a separate driving test for mini van drivers like there is for truck drivers. Get it together people!

So what is my suggestion to these oblivious motorists? Learn to drive or get a mini cooper! With so many choices out there why drive such an ungodly hunk of metal and continue to piss me off? Get a new car, learn how to drive, or get the hell out of my way!

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