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Currently Obsessing Over David Lynch and Marion Cotillard for Dior

In the end only the handbag knows the truth

In the end only the handbag knows the truth

While I may not be entirely sure of what’s going on in the latest short film in the Lady Dior campaign starring Marion Cotillard, Lady Blue Shanghai, I am perfectly clear on the fact that it is a bit awesome. If you treat the David Lynch directed, 16 minute short as a short film, you may be a bit disappointed. Lady Blue Shanghai doesn’t have a clear plot, there’s something about pearls hitting a jade plate and a mysterious chase through old Shanghai, the leading lady seems to be having a bit of identity crisis, she doesn’t trust who she is or what has happened to her, and it tries really hard to sell you a handbag. However, if you go into this one with the expectation of watching an overly stylized commercial that runs a bit long, you’ll love it, provided you have a tiny thing for David Lynch’s style of directing which I do. Lynch is the kind of director kids raised on creepy Tim Burton flicks grow up and eventually fall for. Don’t try to comprehend what’s going on in the 16 minutes that Marion Cotillard romps through Shanghai, just enjoy it.

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