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Christina and Nicki: Attack of the Clones!

Xtina vs Lady Gaga, who's cloning who?

Xtina vs Lady Gaga, who's cloning who?

About a week or so ago Christina Aguilera dropped her much anticipated video for Not Myself Tonight. The video marks the return of double R dirty Xtina and is basically and homage to pop culture, as far as I’m concerned. However, moments after the video hit the Internets fans of a certain over the top, pint-sized, Italian-American performer started crying clone. They allege that Christina, in an attempt to push herself back into the spotlight, has hijacked Gaga’s style. This claim is nothing new, both girls are pocket sized, ultra talented, platinum blonde, and a bit out there, so of course critics, fans, and the like have been comparing them since Gagaloo stepped onto the scene. As a fan of both, I must say that Xtina was wearing chaps and thongs, dressing like a chola with her pal Lil Kim, and doing photo shoots with David LaChappelle when Gaga was still attending the Convent of the Sacred Heart. Yes, Christina was biting a bit when it comes to her fashion choices in Not Myself Tonight, however since I am not a baby I have to say that the video is more Madonna Human Nature than anything Gaga has done as of late. Also, Gaga’s style is not uniquely her own (insert gasps). If you put Grace Jones, Madonna, David Bowie, and Roisin Murphy in a blender and a season with a dash of Andy Warhol, out pops Lady Gaga.

What came first, Harajuku Barbie or Black Barbie dressed in Bvlgari?

What came first, Harajuku Barbie or Black Barbie dressed in Bvlgari?

This whole Gaga/Christina thing got my sights set on another decepticon hiding in Billboards Top 40 these days, Nicki Minaj. No matter what she says in her interviews, you cannot pay me to say that Nicki Minaj is not the Lil Kim of our generation. Everything about her screams Lil Kim, from her first mixtape cover where she copied Lil Kim’s Hardcore bikini pose to her “Harajuku Barbie” image (Google define Harajuku Barbie).  The problem that I have with Nicki is not that she is influenced by Lil Kim, a lot of female MCs have been, but rather I take issue with the fact that she blatantly denies this fact as though the rest of the world is blind. We all heard Lil Kim call herself the “Black Barbie dressed in Bvlgari” in 2003’s The Jump Off, and we all know that she was one of the first, if not the first, female to step to the mic in a Dior outfit and a matching wig. Nicki saw the same VMA performances as we did, so she needs to stop the act. Oh, I’m sorry we weren’t supposed to notice that you are anything like Lil Kim because you make silly faces and occasionally lower your register to shout punch lines.  To be perfectly honest, if Nicki Minaj had come out doing something markedly different with her image and stopped trying  so hard I would like her because lyrically she can stand on her own. However as it stands I can’t get past the whole “I’m not a thing like Lil Kim because I don’t try to be sexy that’s why I make random faces” thing (Google Define random).

I guess imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery.

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2 Responses to “Christina and Nicki: Attack of the Clones!”

  1. I love to see something original out there in terms of music, pop stars, and fashion, but I also know it’s hard to be truly original. We all live under some sort of influence, whether we seek it or are aware of it or not, so it’s not surprising to see similar styles come up. If it’s not similar to someone now, it’ll be related to someone in the past. Those who really are out there and people see as original are generally thought of as somehow crazy, so if you (or your stylist) don’t want to take that risk, it’s gonna get compared to someone else. I say, as long as you can work it and own it, good for you.

  2. Ana Ana says:

    I totally agree. Artists who take risks and re-interpert their muses usually have greater longevity. Even Michael Jackson was inspired by James Brown.


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