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Bringin’ Back Bell Bottoms

Looks from 7 For All Mankind, Lookbook.nu/LoveMeagan, J Brand & Balmain

Looks from 7 For All Mankind, Lookbook.nu/LoveMeagan, J Brand & Balmain

Yes, you read that title correctly. I think it’s high time for the return of bell bottoms. I’m not talking about a little flare in your boot cut jeans but serious, where-did-my-feet-go bell bottoms. And according to my google search, a few fashion bloggers who’ve posted in the past couple of days are in agreement. I honestly haven’t worn bell bottoms since the dawn of the new millenium and in those days I was wishing I could rock them with Soda platform sneakers (shameful, I know). But now that I’m grown up and tired of my little collection of skinnies, I’m looking towards some bottoms with a little more movement and maybe with a low rise for added sultriness.

So, where to for these 70’s silhouette beauts?  J Brand has a style called the Babe ($207) and 7 For All Mankind re-released a pair on Piperlime.com after the bell-bottom rockin’ stylist Rachel Zoe ($169) wore them in several of her episodes. Both styles hug from the hips down to the  knee and then flare out to in all their dramatic glory.

Bell bottoms also give you the excuse to sport chunky platform sandals and wedges like this Jeffrey Cambell Clog Wedge ($148) or Matiko’s Mim Sandal ($145). Because if you’re wearing bell bottoms, or any jean really, that scrape the ground and get that unsightly heel fray, you’re asking for a ticket from the fashion police. Seriously, any grown woman guilty of that fashion faux pas need only hear three words: get them hemmed.

As for my final word on bell bottoms, the beauty of them is that they’re a vintage style. So even if you can’t find the right fit in todays better/high end retail stores,  you’ll likely find some in a local thrift shop or resaler.

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2 Responses to “Bringin’ Back Bell Bottoms”

  1. Randi Hernandez Randi says:

    Yasssss can’t wait to make everyone jealous with my Judi Rosen pair! Errr, once I fit into them again.

  2. margaret says:

    YES!!!! 70s steeeez !!! making bums look good!


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