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Betty White: The Golden Girl on SNL

Betty White does SNL! We die laughing!

Betty White does SNL! We die laughing!

As a little girl, when I wasn’t watching Punky Brewster or Out of This World, I tuned in to the Golden Girls.  Now that I think about it, why would watching a group of widowed (and divorced) women interest a young little lady?  I know I’m not the only one that found the characters on the show to be hilarious.  I secretly wished that they were my grandma’s friends, especially Rose, played by Betty White.  Now, decades later, I’m still watching the Golden Girl Betty White on T.V., only this time she’s on Saturday Night Live and she’s not playing the kind, naive old lady that I’m used to.  Instead, she’s cursing, referencing sexual innuendos, and being the complete opposite of how I would expect a sweet older woman to behave.  But, I have to remember, this is Saturday Night Live, and as an esteemed actress and comedian, she’s damn funny.  Grandma, move over, because I found a friend in Betty White.

Betty White appeared on SNL this past weekend, and apparently, her episode had the highest ratings since Ben Affleck hosted the show in 2008.  Not only that, at 88 (and a half), she was the oldest person to ever host the show.  This woman is breaking ground, even at her ripe age.  If that’s not enough, she got this gig because of a Facebook campaign, backed by over 500,000 fans.  Ever since her appearance in a Snicker commercial during the Super Bowl, White has come back into the spotlight.  It only makes sense that her opening monologue was about Facebook, poking fun at the ways our generation interacts with each other.  When she said Facebook is for losers, I even felt a wave of shame.  Grandmas can do that to you.

How appropriate is that to have a motherly (or rather, grandmotherly) figure host for Mother’s day?!?  It allowed the perfect opportunity to have that motherly touch to all of the skits.  The audience showed their appreciation for her because when she first appeared during the soft opening, the applause would not stop for at least 8 counts of the song!  She’s making her resurrection, and I have a feeling that is is only the beginning of her new flame of old fame.

Speaking of resurrection, I’m not sure if it’s because it was Mother’s Day, or because they’re bringing in an “old” host, but this episode sure had a handful of past SNL ladies on board, including Molly Shannon, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer, and Tina Fey.  This meant that some old characters and skits could come back from the past, including the radio show segment, “The Delicious Dish.”  Try counting how many times they say muffin in it!

I’m sure in her days, these types of skits would not fly, but Betty took every sexual innuendo and made it funny, not just because she’s an old lady saying it, but because she’s got great timing.

Since the MacGruber movie is coming out soon, there were plenty of MacGruber skits sprinkled throughout the night, where White played the grandmother role.  This only seemed right, but when MacGruber crossed the boundaries of family, that was just WRONG.

My favorite skit had to be “Scared Straight”, where Betty played a hardcore convict O.G., not original gangster, but original grandma!  It was hilarious seeing her trying to beat up the other characters and punk them with visions of the “wizard of ass.”  Oh, and you gotta love that hair!

A sweet, endearing moment was during the SNL Digital Short when the cast performed the Golden Girls theme song for Betty. But, in true SNL nature, it flip turned upside down when she flipped the song, “Thank You for Being a Friend”, into a crazy death metal version. Very weird indeed.

Overall, it was a great episode. I mean, Jay-Z was the music performer and he even dedicated his “Forever Young” song with Mr. Hudson to M.I.S.S. White. That alone definitely built up her street cred. Will she venture into the hip hop world now? Who knows where she’s going now, but we do know where she’s been. And at 88 and a half, there’s no stopping her now.

Betty White, thank you for being a friend.

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