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Art Radar: 05.06.10



joseph szabo

Joe Szabo, with his tender and respectful eye, has been capturing the incredible melting pot of humanity on Jones beach, one of the America’s busiest beaches, since the 1970s. Nearly perfect bodies, shy adolescents, and tanned muscle men, his objective isolates rare moments of unabashed exuberance and introspection. He offers a catwalk display of beach wear that reveals the dynamics of the beach, where the boundaries of class and race are temporarily forgotten along with inhibitions about body size and shape. Published by Harry N. Abrams.

Copies of the book signed by Joseph Szabo will be available.


Giant Robot is proud to host Butter and Blood, an art show featuring new work by Marc Johns and Steven Weissman.

Marc Johns draws almost daily, and has been for as long as he can remember. Once posted online, his humorous, witty, and thought-provoking drawings were quickly embraced, and earned him a fast-growing community of fans around the world as well as published works in Wired and the New York Times Sunday Magazine. Whether it’s a man with branches growing out of his head that need pruning, or a pipe that’s trying to quit smoking, his characters are simply, sparsely drawn, yet speak volumes. For the show, the Victoria, Canada-based is preparing 30 ink-and-watercolor pieces that examine the public’s conspicuous consumption of trend items and branded goods, and how we blindly participate in what is a bit of a charade.

Steven Weissman has written and drawn comics for Fantagraphics Books, Nickelodeon Magazine, Last Gasp, Marvel Entertainment (for whom he created the “Mini-Marvels” series), and numerous other publishers/publications. He won the Harvey Kurtzman Award for “Best New Talent” in 1998 with his acclaimed, ongoing indie-comic series, Yikes, which channels nonironic darkness of Chas Addams with the raw, youthful honesty of Charles Schulz and has been collected into several volumes. For the show, the Los Angeles artist is preparing a series of medium-sized pen, ink, and screen-tone pieces with themes such as baseball, proverbs, ghosts, and Barack Obama.

WHAT: Giant Robot

WHEN: May 8th

WHERE: 2015 Sawtelle Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025



Craig Redman is a New York based artist, with whom Colette has been collaborating to extract his character Darcel from his blog. For the first time now, we have an exhibition entirely dedicated to him. Darcel’s inner world goes meta with “And a miserable day to you too” , as he explores everyday trivialities through painting, prints, sculptures and, of course, movie animation. You can go home with special Baggu bags, key-rings , Publik tee-shirts, Bodega stickers, the new colette candle , lighters, postcard or buttons with the monocle-wearing famous character.



Sleight of Hand, a group show, on the 7th May, 7-10pm. It then runs till the 4th June.

“An eclectic exhibition pulling together artists with very different styles from all over the world. The theme of the show is that all of the artists make highly aesthetic work that is well crafted and technically strong. Participants include Mr Jago, Phil Ashcroft, Microbo, Mike Inglis, Mike Egan, Angelique Houtkamp, Jacob Smith, Vinnie Nylon* and AddFuelToTheFire.”
Stay Fresh in Nylon



The second installment in our Monday B/D Apparel Artist Interview series is with artist Ryan Riss. Ryan designed the mind-bending head-scarfed hippie with a melting face graphic (literally), entitled Acid Trip.

If you think we’re way off on a peyote-trip describing Ryan’s works as residing in another dimension- you’d be surprised to hear what he has to say. “I like the idea of relating simple graphics to things like mandalas and other spiritual energy hippie training tee-pee type stuff.”

Read the rest of the interview on the B/D website to find out what else makes Ryan’s third eye blink.



Scion’s “Rooms”, curated by Roger Gastman opened last weekend and was a huge success. Below find images from the opening night which you may feel free to re-post. The show featured Kime Buzzelli, Adam Wallacavage, Dueling VHS, Chris Stain, Bill Daniel, Justin Van Hoy, Rocky Grimes, and Dan Monick with Caitlin Reilly. The gallery was completely transformed into separate, interactive rooms from each artist.
The show runs through May 15th.



For additional event photos click this link.



If you happen to be in LA May 8th, make sure you get down to this truly amazing exhibition LA ART IN NUMBERS, starring Sneaker Freaker alumni artist and ex-Melbournite Billie Stone doin’ her thang!

Also featuring the illest screenprinters on the scene Hit + Run, don’t miss this opportunity to take home a limited edition silk screen poster!

It all goes down May 8th at High Profile Productions Productions from 7pm-11pm

For more details hit up the website here



Fashion brand Mulberry, was so taken with photographer Venetia Dearden’s work that they have sponsored the publication of her new book –  ‘Glastonbury, Another Stage’. Her new project is a selection of portraits of Glastonbury festival goers, artists and performers, combined with stunning scenic shots highlighting the festival’s unique atmosphere and celebrating its 40th year running. Mulberry will be exhibiting 23 never before shown prints from the book in their Bond Street & Madison Avenue stores and at The Madison Avenue store will debut the prints starting May 23rd and will continue to be displayed in the store until June 23rd. To launch the exhibitions, Mulberry will also be hosting an event in New York in late May – celebrating the essence of the festival, by incorporating live musical performances. In addition, Mulberry will also host a party at Glastonbury in the Sony space ‘Cocktails and Dreams’ on June 26th.
In May 2010, the book will be sold for £30/ $50 in Mulberry’s London Bond Street and New York Madison and Bleecker stores, and will also be available online at All of Venetia’s books purchased from Mulberry will come in an exclusive hemp bag – stamped with Mulberry’s festival slogan – “Peace, Love and Mud.”
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Graphics by the lovely: Phaymiss

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