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A Superwoman Needs Your Help! Vote for Ruby!

Support Ruby by May 13th!

Support Ruby by May 13th!

Ruby Veridiano-Ching, writer, speaker, educator, media personality, and yes, a superwoman,  has plenty more to add to her resume since our  M.I.S.S. Woman Making History feature on her posted waaayyy back in November ’08.  Aside from working on a girls’ empowerment curriculum (you go girl!), she’s in the running to be head blogger for I AM A SUPERWOMAN, a new inspirational site for women everywhere spearheaded by the powers of Alicia Keys.

For Ruby to make it to the top, she needs your support.  Read her blog entries, rate them and post a comment by May 13th, and hopefully from there, the rest will be history.  She has dedicated so much of her time to strengthen the voice of women, and now you can give her some of your time by checking it out and voting for her.  While I don’t want to spoil the reading for you, her posts on style (on the TLC tip), hope for love, and living out your dreams will be an inspirational read for you.  If you like what you read, just imagine what else this superwoman is capable of.

To start reading, follow this link:

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