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What to do in DC: Sticky Rice

Tater tots and sushi is what Sticky Rice is known for

Tater tots and sushi is what Sticky Rice is known for

There was a time when DC was considered the murder capital of America.  Now it’s more like the hipster capital of the mid-Atlantic region.  In fact, there might be almost as many hipsters roaming the streets of DC as there are in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the mecca of hipsterdom.  One of the hipsters favorite haunts is the H Street corridor, with its array of fancy new bars, clubs, and restaurants juxtaposed with the abandoned businesses and rundown crack houses that serve as a reminder of DC’s recent past.  Sticky Rice is one of those restaurants.  Another import from southern Virginia (ala Commonwealth), it’s a two story place slangin’ the hottest drinks, noodle dishes, tater tots, and sushi you can get your fingers on with an edgy atmosphere to match it’s super unique menu.  Anyone that comes here thinking they’ll get an authentic sushi experience need to head for the hills (of Chiba) right now.  There’s the standard array of Americanized sushi rolls, like the Spicy Tuna and California roll, but the menu features a bunch of rolls you’re not likely to see anywhere else like the Godzirra Roll (featuring shrimp, avocado, cream cheese, and a spicy sauce), the 2000 Leagues (tempura octopus and cucumbers with eel sauce), and the Fantabulous Amazing Roll (a spicy crab meat roll with cream cheese topped with tuna sashimi).  Despite being a sushi restaurant, vegetarians have a bevy of options as well.  Many of the appetizers are vegetarian and/or vegan friendly and there’s a special section for vegetarian appeasing rolls, too.

Two years after it’s opening Sticky Rice still packs people in regularly on weekends, and service suffers as a result.  But this weak spot isn’t too  glaring when put up against a plate of colorful sushi and a bucket of perfectly seasoned tater tots.

Sticky Rice DC
1224 H St NE
Washington, DC 20002

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  1. artiffact artiffact says:

    those taters look good! for some reason the bucket makes it look tastier.


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