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We Got The Beat: Roxanne “Rox” Tataei

We Got The Beat: Roxanne "ROX" Tataei

We Got The Beat: Roxanne "ROX" Tataei

There’s nothing more gratifying than turning your heartache into something that you can dance to!  While so many artists of today result to jumping onto the “woe is me” bandwagon, it’s refreshing to once in a while hear a “love song” that doesn’t make you want to cry.  A newcomer to the R&B/Pop genre by the name of Roxanne Tataei, or simply known as Rox, is a stand-out amongst her counterparts by offering up songs that are all about owning your feelings and making the best out of life.

With the release of her new single, “My Baby Left Me” and her soon to be released debut album Memoirs, Rox is quickly on her way to making a name for herself that is strong in both talent and conviction.  Memoirs is a collection of songs written so personally that you’d swear you were reading from the pages of Rox’s diary.

This 21 year old, half Iranian, half Jamaican singer-songwriter from South London effortlessly graces and owns every track she is on with ease.  Her style is greatly influenced and reminiscent of some of the best in music such as Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, Nina Simone, and Joni Mitchell. Her delicate, yet powerful vocals can be credited to the Saturdays she spent singing in her local church and performing at family gatherings. She also started a jazz trio in high school and did a lot of National Youth Music Theatre work. After performing with Mark Ronson and opening up a show for Raphael Saadiq, Rox is now ready to step out on her own and take the world by storm!

Just this year she was selected as HMV‘s “Next Big Thing”, MTV UK’s “10 for 10” list, and Music Week named her as “one of 2010’s most exciting new prospects.” Pretty impressive! Check out the video and be sure to pick up the single on Itunes and watch for Memoirs to drop sometime this spring.

Rox’s Video for “My Baby Left Me”

Rox performing an acoustic version of “No Going Back”

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  1. Mexi Chula says:

    so so fresh:) her talent is effortless. beautiful.


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