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The Hijab In a Contemporary Era

Patterned hijab from the line Vela

Patterned hijab from the line Vela

Recently, I saw a fashion show that featured a modern way to dress hijab. Although I am not Muslim, it struck my interest since there are so many misconceptions circling about the women who adhere to this “code”. Hijab can be defined as dressing modestly, which women are instructed to do after puberty i.e. covering their hair and body, but can also refer to the head scarf itself. In an age of fashion where most of us are accustomed to showing a lot more skin, as seen in what is sold in clothing stores, it may be hard for a woman practicing hijab to find some funky trends that meet her dressing standards.

Nevertheless, after some net surfing, I found some interesting designs out there that suggest a modern take on the hijab a la Erykah Badu… but more horizontal.

New ways to wear the hijab

New ways to wear the hijab

Actually, the high school I attended prohibited Muslim girls from wearing the veil as it was considered to be a “hat”, and we weren’t allowed wearing hats in doors…
Hijabs  from the line Vela

Hijabs from the line Vela

Question: How is it in your cities? I know, the hijab and niqab (the covering of the face except the eyes) are different, but in Quebec, there has been a new proposed legislation which would bar niqab women from receiving government services or an education.

Pictures taken from the Vela facebook groupWe love hijab blog

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