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The Curse of Curves

Bettie, Kim K, Sophia and Bey OH MY!

Bettie, Kim K, Sophia and Bey OH MY!

I’m not bad; I’m just drawn that way.

Jessica Rabbit took the words right out of my mouth when commenting on her come hither voice and coke bottle curves. Not that I’m complaining, I love being your average hourglass type, there is just a ton of baggage that comes with 36-24-36 that I could do without. For example, I was reprimanded at work for wearing  a skirt of an “inappropriate” length that was not only well within company dress code but was also the same length as a skirt worn by one of my fellow sales associates. The difference between she and I happens to be about 10 lbs  and 4 inches around the hips- I’m a Kim Kardashian size 4 and she’s a healthy Nicole Richie size 2. The problem wasn’t what I had on but the fact that on her it looks virginal and on me it looks like sex in a can. More importantly, the problem has to do with clothes cut for prepubescent bodies that are sold to grown women and society’s Madonna/Whore obsession, you know the one where thin girls are Madonnas and curvy girls are whores. Even in high school the girl with the best body was usually assumed to be promiscuous (to be fair sometimes she was). Why are the very attributes associated with fertility and womanhood often over sexualized and trivialized?  Again, not complaining, I love my body because its mine and its fine, but lingerie is lingerie no matter who wears it.

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3 Responses to “The Curse of Curves”

  1. C-Rocka says:

    I love my curves too!

  2. All of us need to own our curves!

  3. I couldnt agree more! I get crazy looks when i wear shorts. Not only am I curvy and thick but Im tall and all legs, so it only LOOKS like theyre really short, when in reality they’d be too long on a tiny girl. Its nearly impossible for me to shop for dresses right now since the trends are all super short and tight…. This booty doesnt work with F21…….


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