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Save Our Planet, Celebrate Earth Day!

How will you celebrate Mother Earth!

How will you celebrate Mother Earth!

Earth Day (or rather week) is just about the only international holiday that doesn’t discriminate between races, cultural or geographical background. It’s the holiday that reminds everyone to take a look at the world around them, and think about the many ways we can take care of the planet we live on, whether that planet be a tiny town in the United States or a distant village in Africa, Earth Day doesn’t discriminate. The Earth is the planet on which we all happen to live, and we should preserve and take care of it. Period.

2010 marks the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, normally celebrated beginning April 16 and concluding the 22nd, which was began by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson and marks the beginning of the modern environmental movement. Aside from recognizing and acknowledging several ways to perserve our good ol’ Mother Earth like exchanging your light bulbs for more energy effeicent ones, and watching how much you run the water when you brush your teeth, Earth Day invokes many nonprofit organizations to think of more creative ways we can save our world and make it healthier for ourselves and the generations that will come after. Below are the best and cost efficent ways you can help celebrate planet earth.

  • (the official website of Earth Day, or rather Mother Earth herself) is asking everyone with legs and even those without to come out to their Earth Day Climate Rally at the National Mall in Washington DC. Despite Earth Day quickly approaching it’s 40th Anniversary, the United States currently doesn’t have a comprehensive climate control bill enacted. So what’s the best way to get something done in Washington? Go straight to the government and demand action! You can check out the Earth Day official website for more information
  • Eco-Art Awards – The Earth Day Network is seeking creative inclined individuals 18 and under to pen original songs about the environment. Basically a love letter to Mama Earth which can be in any genre you like. Feel like singing about recycling to the tune of ‘Poker Face’? Love yodeling about saving those trees as if you were Taylor Swift? Well do it for Earth Day and send your submissions to the Eco-Art official website. Winners will have the chance to sing their submitted song live at the National Mall in Washington DC on the last day of Earth Week 2010
  • Pollution Free America Plant a Tree Program – Nonprofit program Pollution Free America has began a fundraiser to raise funds for the operation of their programming. The group distributes material related to the education of children in teaching them the importance of recycling and conserving energy. For Earth Day PFA is will plant a 12 inch tree in your name for only $12 in order to provided the education to our future generations to help them become recycling and environmentally conscious adults.

So there you have it guys, some inexpensive and reletively easy ways to show our lady earth just how much we really care. Personally I plan on shortening my shower, make sure I crush those aluminum Pepsi cans lying around my room, and may actually turn out my lights while I’m not home. How will you be celebrating Earth Day?

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