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Malcolm McLaren first came to prominence as the notorious manager of the Sex Pistols, the premier punk rock band of the late ’70s. In the 1980s, McLaren turned performing artist himself, assembling eclectic recordings that were especially popular in Great Britain.  Sad sad day, McLaren helped form one of my all time favorite and most influential bands of my all time and I am sure for the rest of the world’s all time bands as well.

His vast influence reached not only music, but fashion as well.  In the 70’s McLaren ran SEX (boutique) with none other than fashion icon and world renowned deisnger Vivienne Westwood, the boutique was heavily influenced by the punk movement that was very hot and heavy in London during the 70’s.

Here are some memorable tidbits about the shop SEX. The most well-remembered shop assistant may be Jordan (Pamela Rooke), who worked for a long time there, and whose provocative clothes entertained costumers. Glen Matlock and Chrissie Hynde, as well as Sid Vicious also worked there. Can you believe Sid Vicious worked there!? Holy hot!

As unfortunate as this unsettling news is, Malcolm McLaren will always be a memory in our punk rock heart n’ souls.

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    RestInParadise, you punk rocked my world.


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