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Reading is Sexy: “The Color of Style” by David Zyla

"The Color of Style" by David Zyla

"The Color of Style" by David Zyla

The red carpet is one of the most exciting parts of any major event. The next day, the news is filled with the “who’s hot and who’s not” lists. A major component of the rubric-o-hotness is color. Every season we all rush to fashion shows, magazines, and blogs to find out the hot new colors for the upcoming season. Well, fashion pioneer David Zyla has discovering your personal color palate down to a science. The costume designer and stylist has assisted with the ensembles of Hilary Clinton, Cindy Crawford, and Alfre Woodard. His work has been featured in Cosmopolitan and its even resulted in four Daytime Emmy Award Nominations for “Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design.” One thing’s for sure, he’s damn good at what he does.

I recently received a copy of  David Zyla’s recent book, The Color of Style, which breaks down where to locate colors that naturally occur on your body and how to incorporate such colors in your wardrobe. For instance the color of your eyes, or the shade you turn when you are embarrassed. These locations serve as the sources where you find various colors that fit you best for different occasions like job interviews, first dates, and even meditation. The right colors for your wardrobe are already genetically embedded into who you are. Makes sense right?

These naturally occurring colors on your body are what Zyla calls your “true colors.”  These are the five colors that make up your personal palette. He explains that the essence color should be worn during affectionate, cherished events. Your romantic color should be worn on dates or romantic outings. Your dramatic color shows authority and charisma. The color that shows off your better controlled and calm qualities are your energy colors. Tranquil colors ease stress and tension.

There also three colors that are designated as your “base colors.”  Zyla explains the three “base” colors are your versions of black, khaki and brown. Black can be found by finding the color in the ring of your iris and it your most dominant neutral color. Brown is determined by your darkest hue of hair; it represents your more relaxed neutral color. Khaki is found in the lightest shade of your hair and is the most playful of your neutral colors.

Each section of the how-to guide includes a personal anecdote from years of experience and reference boxes for quick and easy location of key terms and tips. One thing I noticed is that Zyla makes The Color of Style feel like it’s just for you, an everyday woman. The ladies included in the narratives are ordinary women with issues similar to those we encounter on the regular. He makes the everyday woman feel as important as the list of celebrities he’s dressed. There is definitely and ‘awwww’ factor that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The second half of the book ventures away from finding your color palate and concentrates on your wardrobe. Zyla begins by helping you go through your entire closet, tossing items that don’t quite fit your color style. This step makes the scene of champagne and sticky notes from Sex in the City: The Movie pop up in my head. Once your Spring cleaning is complete, Zyla aids you in transforming your kept items into “new” outfits. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Last but not least come anyone’s favorite part. Shopping! By this point Zyla is well aware of how bare your closet feels to you. He offsets this uneasiness by guiding you through shopping for new pieces and incorporating them with the pieces you already own. Now your personalized wardrobe is complete!

Overall, The Color of Style was a very informative read. I learned that my vital organs not only keep me alive, they also can serve as color indicators for what looks good on me. The only slight distraction was the redundancy of information. So ladies, if you’re looking to discover your own unique colors and want to know what time of colors are appropriate based on setting, pick up a copy of David Zyla’s The Color of Style.

The Color of Style is available for purchase on Amazon.

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